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Epi-lasek eye treatment

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beanieiu Wed 18-May-05 23:04:01

is there anybody out there who has had epi-lasek treatment as i am about to take the plunge on friday,yes i have read up on it,but now the time is closing in i'm getting nervous.I need reasurance.

hatsoff Wed 18-May-05 23:19:16

is that corrective laser suregry for short sightedness? dh had it a few months ago and is thrilled. he said the actual process was fine (but he's not the sort to get freaked out by it). He was able to walk out of teh hospital within 20 odd minutes and had no problems afterwards. The only downside is that I used to be in soft focus once he's taken his lenses out/glasses off. Now I'm suddenly more self conscious!

beanieiu Wed 18-May-05 23:35:07

that's the one!what was his recovery like,was he sore for a few days after and did he have to wait upto 2 weeks before he could drive,as the thought of that is churning me up,i go out most days to get the kids out the house.
i'm sure he finds you more attractive.

hatsoff Thu 19-May-05 00:07:47

he recovered very quickly - I can't remember about driving - he doesn't need to during the week so it wasn't a big issue. I've a feeling he was probably ok to drive after about a week. The best bit was having to sleep in goggles! that was just freaky. He told me that he'd need to do it for 6 months and I believed him.

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