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come talk sterilisation please - need help

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ridingjoker Sun 12-Jul-09 09:58:19

cant take anything hormonal, tried a huge variety all end up with excessive bleeding.

tried copper coil.

have been advised only option left is condoms... thinking about sterilisation.

i'm not in relationship at the moment.

but have recently decided i am 100 % sure i never want more dc.i hummed and hawed after splitting with dc dad that i might with a NM.

will use condoms initially with any nm for obvious reasons. but accidents happen, things split,etc,etc.

thinking i would be better getting sterilisation now, rather than once i'm in a relationship as my worst nightmare would be getting pg by accident in the beginnings of a relationship, never mind how bad it would be at any time in my life to come.

sorry its long winded, save the drip drap of info from questions i will get.

so... experiences? advice? anything i should think about first?

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