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pscc Sat 11-Jul-09 14:18:06

does anyone have this? Can you recommend a cream? Help............

purpleprincess Sat 11-Jul-09 14:22:22

I started using an exfoliating wash (look for one containing salycic (sp?) acid) and a really big one just popped out. However I also found a local skin salon that removed them for me and didn't cost too much. (In Reading by the way) there is quite a lot on tinternet about them and you might find somewhere that will remove them. Presume they are around your eyes??

Good luck

pscc Sat 11-Jul-09 14:25:29

yes just under the eyes, have been using avene cream but think I need something a little stronger. Is it a vitamin a deficiency? How did they remove them?
did you have many?

purpleprincess Sat 11-Jul-09 14:35:38

Can't remember what the cause is - no dont' think deficiency. More like a little blockage of something...They removed with tiny needle was a bit sore but not that painful. I think exfoliating helps.


pscc Sat 11-Jul-09 14:47:27

brilliant- thanks

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