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rattly chest and chesty coughs in babies

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sian85 Sat 11-Jul-09 10:58:10

i have a 2 n half month old son n he keeps gettin a rattly chest and cough. i took him docs wen he were 6 wk old and the diagnoses was brontilintis we spent the in hosp and got discharged the next day i got told it wud clear n its own andit did but 4wk later and it has returned. he aint sleepin very well or feedin, i can tell he is pain. im goin to contact the out of hours doc. but i were wonderin if anyone else has had the same problem, its very worrying and isnt helping my pnd. as im on tender hooks, im not sleepin as im listenin for his breathing as this can becum very short and shallow. x

blondissimo Sat 11-Jul-09 13:38:27

My ds was like this for 6 months! Then it just disappeared.
Try not to worry too much - keep the room ventilated, put him in the bathroom with the shower running hot (obviously not in the shower, just in the room!) as the steam will help, prop his crib up at the head end, keep him away from cigarette smoke or other triggers.
I also found that taking him out of the room and giving it a good dust and hoover and changing all the sheets was helpful as dust mites can play a part in these ongoing coughs.
If you are really worried, definitely go back to the doctors as he may have an infection that needs antibiotics.
Ask for a second opinion if you are not satisfied.
Hope he is better soon x

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