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Swelling at site of BCG injection

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Soly Wed 07-May-03 20:21:51

My ds had his BCG injection at the end of January, more than three months ago now. I noticed earlier today that there is a purple/reddish swelling, about the size of a small pea at the site of this injection (top of left arm). When dh saw it he said he didn't think it looked 'right'.

Has anyone else had this type of experience this long after an injection?

Jimjams Wed 07-May-03 20:43:05

Hi this link

includes the vaccine manufacturers information sheet. One of the listed side effects is ulceration- it may be worth getting your GP to check it out.

Jimjams Wed 07-May-03 20:45:31

Hi this link

includes the vaccine manufacturers information sheet. One of the listed side effects is ulceration- it may be worth getting your GP to check it out.

Jimjams Wed 07-May-03 20:47:09

I'm having trouble with that link- although I can get there from my favourites and the address is correct. The homepage is up the the com/

janh Wed 07-May-03 20:57:56

Soly - you mean he hasn't had any problems up to now and it has suddenly swelled up? If so check with GP.

If not, and it's just that you have just noticed it, then I think it's within the range of normal - 3 of my kids have had BCG now and they have all had swellings of varying degrees of nastiness for varying lengths of time - they did go down in the end.
If it goes on for too long they can be referred to hospital for industrial-strength antibiotics.

steppemum Thu 08-May-03 08:55:49

Hi Soly, yes this happened to my ds and ir is quite OK. I don't live in the Uk so my Mum phones her GP for me and the receptionist said "Oh my daughter's did that....." They advised her to phone NHS direct, and a vaccinations nurse phones her back. My ds had a BCG at 1 month in the UK, before we returned overseas. After about 9 weeks a purplish mark appeared on the site, and this grew and grew over about 3 weeks until it was like a boil, a nasty lump with a head on it. Then it burst (very yucky) it scabbed over, but "refilled" and burst a couple more times (much, much less than the first time though) He is now 5 months, and it is still a purplish mark that hasn't totally healed, but improves daily. When my Mum phoned NHS direct, they said this was normal, and it shows that the vaccine has definitely worked (although it doesn't have to do this to show it has worked) and it was nothing to worry about. She did say you must keep it dry once it has a scab on it, and you mustn't under any circumstances remove the scab. You must let it come of by itself, and then it will heal completely. This has been a real pain as ds loves his bath. I don't know how old your ds is, mine was too little to scratch at it. The more you can keep it uncovered so it is dry the better.

I hope that helps, if I had been in the UK I would have raced along to my Gp as it was really nasty looking, and about 1.5 inches across, and a huge lump. But it is nothing to worry about. If going to the gp is a pain, why not phone NHS direct yourself to put your mind at ease?

mears Thu 08-May-03 09:26:18

My teenage son had his BCG a few months ago and has had the reaction you describe. The information leaflet described it as well. However, it would do no harm to let the doctor see it if you are worried.

Soly Thu 08-May-03 20:52:35

Jimjams - the link worked for me.

Steppemum - thanks for all your detailed information - ds is 7 months old and doesn't seem bothered by it. I am monitoring it very closely and if it gets any worse will visit GP. May try to speak to a GP on the 'phone just for reassurance IF I can remember to ring at the right time!!

I massage ds 2 or three times a day (he has eczema) so it is hard to believe that I wouldn't have really noticed it before now doesn't it? All I can say in my defence is that I am VERY sleep deprived!

Jimjams Thu 08-May-03 21:25:25

Soly- id he has eczema take him along to your GP for a check- eczema can sometimes cause problems with vaccinations. It'll be worth getting a check done.

Soly Fri 09-May-03 22:45:19

Have only just found time to check into Mumsnet - ds's swelling burst when I dressed him after his bath this morning - it seems to be following the same pattern that Steppemum described. It looks fine now; I will see if it fills up again.

steppemum Sat 10-May-03 03:05:08

glad I could help

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