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"tonsils(sp)"and rather large at that.

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layla Wed 07-May-03 15:03:41

Anyone else's child having large tonsils? Someone's made a comment again(understandably)today which has made me wonder how common it is and whether there should be any cause for concern?Ds has always had exceptionally large tonsils since being born.Over the years the odd doctor has mentioned it and various others and when asked they say it's not a problem.The person today,a dentist,asked me if he could breathe properly.What do you think?

Slinky Wed 07-May-03 15:27:32

All 3 of my children have had very large tonsils, which have affected their breathing and eating.

DD1 (now 7) suffered from sleep apneoa (where she would stop breathing during the night, then would choke to wake herself up). She also had partial hearing loss in right ear. Several GPs insisted she would grow out of it. However, after referral to ENT consultant - he insisted she had tonsils and adenoids removed due to her sleep problems. He said she had "severe respiratory congestion". She had them removed at 5 and from the very next day, her health has improved dramatically - obviously sleeping properly has meant she has bags of energy during the day.

DS1 (5) again has very large tonsils - although they don't appear to cause him any problems. GP passed comments the other day about his tonsils when he was checking him over.

DD2 (3) are very large - I have a feeling we will be going down the same route as DD1 - as she too suffers from the breathing at night problems. She also seems to gag on food a lot. There isn't much of a gap between her tonsils.

I had mine removed at 5 - apparently same problems as DD1 and DH had his removed last year aged 36 - again due to sleep apneoa.

If your son doesn't appear to have any problems with them, then the usual advice is to leave them (as will probably be the case in my DS).

megg Wed 07-May-03 16:29:43

I have large tonsils and to be honest its never caused me any problems. They stop infections going straight to my chest which is why doctors have always refused to take them out. In fact once it was a blessing as I swallowed a chicken bone and it got stuck in my tonsil, dp had to get a pair of tweezers and fish it out. If they're not causing your ds any problems I wouldn't worry about them.

layla Wed 07-May-03 17:20:50

Thanks a lot Megg and Slinky,think I was feeling a bit stressed today and it got me worried.No he doesn't have any problems with them.Slinky hope things go ok for your dd.

Nutjob Wed 07-May-03 17:26:55

Layla - Both my children have enlarged tonsils, it looks awful when you look down their throats. I've mentioned it several times to my GP, but he says it is very comman and they will 'grow out of it'. I have to say my GP is usually VERY thorough so I have gone with what he has said. It doesn't seem to affect them in any way, so I am going with the flow

ninja Wed 07-May-03 17:33:32

I have large tonsils. I had a lot of tonsillitus as a kid but since then no problems - as someone said they do stop infection going further and if they don't cause any problems then don't worry - my mum had hers out and still had the same infections - just furher down.

I'm quite proud of mine as they nearly touch!!

janh Wed 07-May-03 18:30:04

My DS1 (now 14) had ENORMOUS tonsils when he was little, they practically met in the middle, he never had tonsillitis or breathing difficulties but was a painfully slow eater so my GP agreed (after several times of asking) that he might do better without them, even though they were healthy.

He had them out when he was 6 and it did make a huge difference to his swallowing ability. So I thought it was worth it.

Do you have a concern yourself about them, layla? If so it might be worth mentioning to your GP again only more forcefully. Otherwise I wouldn't, are you aware of your tonsils, from the inside I mean? Or do you just know they are big from looking in the mirror?

Demented Wed 07-May-03 22:38:17

Just to add I had my tonsils and adenoids out when I was six and I catch just about every cold and sore throat going. I would like my tonsils back!

sharpay Wed 06-Aug-08 09:30:10

My 5 yr old has very large tonsils.She doesnt have tonsilitis much but always has sore throats and talks as if her throat is thick.My main concern is she wakes at night alot struggling to breathe as if she is chocking.I would like to have her tonsils removed but worry about other infections once they are removed.

margoandjerry Wed 06-Aug-08 09:37:11

I had huge tonsils and always had tonsilitis as a child and then again when I was about 30 (had it non stop for about a year). They became permanently swollen and the tissue had basically broken down through repeated infection and were about the size of small plums, literally.

It was a bit of a Carry On Matron moment because when the specialist saw them he said "God, they're enormous" which did rather make me grin

Had them taken out at 30 - no more tonsilitis thank god. I do get more chest infections now but that's heaven compared to the tonsilitis I used to have.

I think though if your child is not having probs, leave well alone.

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