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Seeing GP tomorow to discuss IBS/Coeliac possibly - what do I need to ask?

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IlanaK Tue 07-Jul-09 21:47:10

I am not sure which I have - its been life long but getting worse. I finally decided to do something about it and am seeing an excellent and very sympathetic GP tomorow. But i don't know exactly what I want her to do. Normally I go to the GP having researched whatever it is (usually for the kids) and asking for something specific or a referal to a specialist. This time I am a bit at a loss.

I do have private health insurance that would cover seeing a specialist if this is the way to go - should i ask for a referal? Or do I need a blood test?

Any thoughts??

IlanaK Tue 07-Jul-09 22:13:58

Someone please! I am seeing the GP first thing in the morning.

foxinsocks Tue 07-Jul-09 22:15:58

They might do a blood test first but as you have private health insurance, should refer you to a gastro I would have thought .

Be prepared to answer questions on how often and what consistency grin.

IlanaK Tue 07-Jul-09 22:25:46

Thanks - I am fully prepared to discuss all the gory details

thirtypence Tue 07-Jul-09 22:31:18

You need a blood test for coaeliac, you need your iron checked.

If anything comes back from the bloods you will need a gastroscopy to take a sample of your villi. If nothing comes back in the bloods I would be asking them to go up the other end to check for bad piles (having a couple of jolly big ones removed made an enormous difference to me) and other nasty stuff.

With your symptoms you should probably be having both.

Have you been prescribed something like loperamide to help with the cramping and frequency. Might be worth it while you wait for the appointments and tests.

babyignoramus Wed 08-Jul-09 11:18:24

IlanaK, I am waiting for results from a stool sample (ew) for exactly the same thing. I haven't had a blood tests yet but did do a home coeliac test that was negative. Do let us know how you get on!

IlanaK Wed 08-Jul-09 20:37:51

Thanks. The doctor was sympathetic and has asked me to come back for a blood test and then come and see her about the results. She didn't offer an opinion one way or another.

thirtypence Thu 09-Jul-09 22:14:48

Sensible - no point in doing anything until they have the blood test. Lots of diagnosis by exclusion for any problems in that area.

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