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Fluid in fallopian tube, pain in area, worried please help

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ceciliamay Tue 07-Jul-09 20:32:23


I have been experiencing severe abdominal pain above my left hip area and recently went for a scan which showed I had fluid in my left tube. The sonographer (she was a Dr) has referred me to a gynacologist. My gynae appointment isnt until mid August and Im getting myself a bit worried by it all so I was wondering if anyone had had similar? Was it just a little infection etc?

I am wondering if this is covered under my private health from work - could I bring forward the gynae apt to put my mind at rest?


kazza1981 Thu 16-Jul-09 12:59:59

Hi cecilamay

My name is Karen, I live in Australia, I have just been diagnosed with fluid in the tube. I had a scan which showed this, however I had thought it would have been an ovarian cyst as I have had these in the past and the pain is similar. The condition of fluid in the fallopian tubes is called Hydrosalpinx.

The pain is in my left and is getting quite bad, not even pain relief is ridding me of it, particularly at night which seems odd, but I think for some reason lying down makes it worse? The fluid was also identified in the left tube.

My Dr has referred me to my Gyno, however I too need to wait until August 26th, but I am considering having my Dr phone to request an earlier appointment. She has done this before for me when I had my cyst (which was lucky because the following day after I saw the gyno I had the required surgery it was that bad!).

All I can say is trust your body, you know when something isnt right. If you havent already, ask your Dr to attempt to get you an earlier appointment. There is no harm in asking.

How old are you? Do you have any children? I have three children and have finished my family, I am 28. However I believe that this condition can cause fertility problems...

As I have had problems with ovarian cysts in the past, I would say that my gyno will be surgically removing at least both my tubes and ovaries, which i dont mind at all. I will need to obviously wait and see what he says, but this is what i suspect will happen. I will need to get advise on whether a full hysterectomy is recommended.

Without having the tubes removed, I cannot see any other way this will clear. Apparently the condition can come back, and I dont want that. Especially as I have finished my family.

Its all very scary. I am very fed up with the pain, and am considering myself whether I should try and get into the gyno earlier too....

All the best with everything.


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