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3 months for post mortem results!?

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Angeliz Tue 07-Jul-09 16:36:56

Hello all
my Dad sadly died last week. We are all devastated.
We have been told by the coroner that it will be AT LEAST 3 months for results! I know they had to take tissue samples and toxocology side too but 3 months?
None of us feel we can move on at all till we know. She said it was as the same Doctors are working in the cancer area?
I did ask if it was possible any quicker and she said no.

If it's al down to lab work though, surely i can take it private!
We really need to know!

triggerhappybaby Tue 07-Jul-09 17:26:54

Hey Angeliz

So sorry to hear about your Dad - I lost mine to cancer in March. My advice would be to write to the Chief Executive of the PCT for an explanation of why it should take so long. IME the doctors can sometimes (not all the time) be 'well it takes as long as it takes' etc. It shouldn't take 3 months though, tat's just totally unreasonable. See if an administrative kick up the jacksy does any good.

Are you allowed to register his passing and make any arrangements or have they put a stop until the results are through?

Send you hugs. I know exactly how you must be feeling. xx

triggerhappybaby Tue 07-Jul-09 17:29:19

What I emant to say was find out where the samples have gone and write to the CExec of the lab. You'll get nowhere with the Coroner, they are their own law. However, the delay is apparently with the lab so that's where the answers need to come from

Angeliz Tue 07-Jul-09 17:32:28

thanks, i am speaking to the coroner again in the morning. We have initial findings but she said that there is no way she can make it faster as they are so busy!!
If i get nowhere tomorrow i will do what you say.
So sorry about your Dad!

We have an interim death certificate and he was buried yesterdaysad
Have been to the grave twice today already, feel so sad inside.

BellaNoir Tue 07-Jul-09 19:33:22

Hi Angeliz
Sorry to hear of your sad loss.

The 3 months will depend on what tests they are doing, as some need extra steps which can actually take a several weeks to do. The lab may well be backed up with diagnostic work too, in which scenario, that could be given priority over PM/coroner work, as these samples can be crucial in determining what treatment people need. I know this is no help to you but is a possible reason.
As trigger says if you can find out which Histology Lab the tissue samples have gone to then try contacting PALS there and see if they can find out what the problem is.

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