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been poorly, what can i give him to eat?

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vivs Tue 17-May-05 15:38:49

my poor little dsof 7m has just been in hospital with a respiratory problem and then got gastroenteritis. trouble is now he is very reluctant to eat anything yet is hungry. anyone with any experience of feeding after illness and if so what are the best things to try him on? he wasn't a great eater before all this by the way.


Kayleigh Tue 17-May-05 15:41:16

mashed potato (maybe with some grated cheese)
scrambled eggs
tiny sandwiches made with very soft bread (no crust) so each sandwich a bite full
mashed banana

Kayleigh Tue 17-May-05 15:42:22

after illness i give ds1 and ds2 Minadex. It's a kids tonic available from pharmacy. Seems to build them back up and they start to get their appetites back a lot quicker. Ask your doctor/pharmasist.

vivs Tue 17-May-05 15:52:43

thanks, i was wondering about some vitamins actually, he looks so washed out.will try abit of mashed potato too (not done egg yet). banana made him scream so wondered if it was hurting him.

ButtonMoon Tue 17-May-05 15:55:41

I always have plain biscuits or toast with a tiny bit of jam on. Make sure he gets plenty of fluids.

Kayleigh Tue 17-May-05 15:56:02

vivs, not sure what age Minadex can be taken from so check at the chemist. I hope he is feeling better soon, poor little thing.

vivs Sun 22-May-05 20:19:24

thanks for the help with your suggestions. minadex is from 6 months. don'y know if it was coincidental timing anyway but it seemed to really perk him up and he iron in it is meant to stimulate their appetite. well on the road to recovery. ta!

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