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Contraception advice - what would you use if you were me?

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Cosette Sun 05-Jul-09 12:18:32

I've 3 children, youngest of which is nearly 3, and don't want any more. I'm in my early 40s and suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding (including some horrendous clots, sorry if tmi!)

I've had 2 mirenas since DC3, both of which have been ejected (encased in clots), after 7 months and 2 months respectively, so don't see the point in having another.

I'd like to reduce my bleeding and have contraception in one solution - but what should I go for? Am I too old for the pill? I think the injection (Depo Provera?) increases Osteoporosis risk and is therefore not recommended. Another option is Implanon. What do you/would you use? Thanks!

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