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Fag Free Zone - Come and Join!

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mummylonglegs Mon 16-May-05 22:24:47

Message deleted

mummylonglegs Mon 16-May-05 22:29:59

Message deleted

hub2dee Mon 16-May-05 23:28:19

Hope you're both tucked up in bed. Congrats.

Get some rest - you'll need it tomorrow !

charliecat Tue 17-May-05 07:33:17

Hello and what great timing for a new thread....reasons for not smoking today are: all of yesterday ...well you would have to go through that again, you would spend a good hour away from dd, scheming and plotting and getting the weed to smoke and then 2 mins smoking the fag and the rest of the day absoullty gutted that youdd had one...
Look at your dd and youll know your making the right decision

elsmommy Tue 17-May-05 07:44:15

I found that cups of tea really helped to start with!!
Good Luck for today

hub2dee Tue 17-May-05 09:25:47

MLL and 2A... post if you need to.

dropinthe Tue 17-May-05 09:56:46

We all really want to help-lots of us have been through this within the past year so its still fresh in our minds-most of us would be lying if we said we didnt crave a fag at least once a day but before long you will have forgotten about them for the majority of your day.Thats when you start punching the air every time you realise you no longer smoke-its a fantastic feeling I sill get a few times a day and I have only stopped for 2 and 1/2 monhs!
Let us know how you are feeling today girls.

TwoAngels Tue 17-May-05 11:14:09


Awww yey MLL way past 24 hrs now hun feel a wee bit calmer today but will just say I have now got gum.... I know I know nicotine and all but it's working an awful lot better for me now than the cold turkey approuch and I actually feel I can handle it now!!

MLL hows u doing hun????

Congrats and well done for making it to today

And again everyones support is fab thanks so much

TwoAngels Tue 17-May-05 11:15:43

it was like that MLL hun around every 15 20 mins sometime litrally one after the other but hey will never be going there again

fee77 Tue 17-May-05 12:46:06

Well done 2A - i used patches when i first gave up, i think it helped psyhcologically, then after four weeks, i started to forget to put them on, and realised i really didn't need them.
You are in for a rough ride, lots of ups and downs but you sound really positive at the moment, so hold that thought!
MML how are you coping today?

mummylonglegs Tue 17-May-05 14:07:57

Message deleted

hub2dee Tue 17-May-05 15:12:08

Both of you doin' fab. Post when you go nuts.

charliecat Tue 17-May-05 16:42:06

Keep it up!

TwoAngels Tue 17-May-05 16:46:13

Mll no chicken ur doing Wellllllllll I am able to sleep for a couple of days which I have I haven't got DD's to watch until thursday

keep at it hun ur strong... I completley understand the "thinking bout it nonstop" though hun thats what i'm also getting,especailly yesterday but am finding that i'm having it a wee bit less than yesterday and the gum is really helping me.

hub2dee Tue 17-May-05 17:31:57

MLL.... post if it helps.

mummylonglegs Tue 17-May-05 21:26:09

Message deleted

hub2dee Tue 17-May-05 22:15:38

LOL, mll... tomorrow's a new day.

It's kind of funny, I never seem to say the right thing for you, so can imagine you thinking 'what planet is that sodding bloke on ?'

Hope the balance of posts / concern is in my favour though, even if I wind you up or get it wrong sometimes.


TwoAngels Wed 18-May-05 09:09:13

DD's are 2.5 and 4 MLL my wee honeys....

I'm a bedroom designer hun, have appointments to attend to in the evenings with potential clients.

hun u are doing soooo wel and do u know I really think ur gonna do it...

MLL I wasn't gonna say this but u had the courage to so I will I had one yesterday too at client my appointment but was fine after that I know I shoulda just chucked a gum in my gob but had already had the max dose allowed.

but one compared to 40/50/30 as long as obviously we don't do it again I thinks we should be fine.... but have to admit which made me happy that fag I had last night made me feel like balking and I burnt ma nose again and eye lol...

anyway am off to me homestart traing for a couple of hours so Mll will come and chat in a wee while hun...

If u want to email me hun my addy is

TwoAngels Wed 18-May-05 09:11:19

so sorry for my over use of hun it's habit hahahahahaha

hub2dee Wed 18-May-05 09:17:06

2A !!! sneaky !!!


I agree your reduction is fab. You've proved yourself you can do it.

Better that you're honest too.

However, even one does kick off the addiction level again, making it harder rather than easier....

Stay on track.

mummylonglegs Wed 18-May-05 09:31:16

Message deleted

mummylonglegs Wed 18-May-05 09:33:19

Message deleted

teeavee Wed 18-May-05 09:36:01

nothing to do with fags - just like to say i like yous pseudonym, mummylonglegs!

and my man is currently off the fags too - his 3rd or 4th attempt.
He used Zyban for 2 months, and is seeing a 'tabacologue' (french 'tobacco doctor'!)
so we're really hoping it will work this time.
He's eating loads of cream buns though,and has gained a bit of weight. But much preferable to a smoke-filled kitchen at 7.30am (when he had his 1st fag before breakfast! ugh!)

dropinthe Wed 18-May-05 09:40:30

MML-where do you call South Central London? I'm in Plumstead-very "Saaaarth" but its all we could afford? Are we close?

mummylonglegs Wed 18-May-05 09:47:04

Message deleted

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