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Any experts on scar tissue, stiches etc?

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pellmell Fri 03-Jul-09 21:25:04

dh had a small lump cut out of his face six weeks ago. It was diagnosed as a harmless lichenoid thingy?????
He had several blue stiches which were removed a short time after, however the wound never really healed up and it became infected. He has had two courses of ab's but still has visible holes that look like little tunnels with tiny threads of skin trying to heal over them.
This evening he asked me to look at the scab as he said he could see some cotton like fibres on it. I pulled it with a tweezer and a white thread like a stitch came out with quite a lot of pus oozing away. He has three similar looking things on the area with a swelling.
He believes he may have had stitches inside .
Could he have been reacting to these stitches and what does he do now?
He is saying that he will be off work next friday and if it's still looking bad then he will return to the hospital that performed the procedure.
I think he has been treated terribly so far with both the g.p and the nurse just giving him pills without actually looking at the wound at all.

pellmell Fri 03-Jul-09 21:35:42

and can anyone explain what a sinus means because dh said his company occupational nurse said he might have one.

sunburntats Fri 03-Jul-09 21:39:22

Forgive me, but you really should not be sticking tweezers into an open wound. You may well have made it much much worse and introduced a world of more infection.

Is the sinus associated with the lump removal?

sunburntats Fri 03-Jul-09 21:43:36

He wil need to go back to the GP and see the practice nurse.

The wound will need to be swabbed and examined. When swabs are back, correct ABs will be prescribed.
the Abs that have already been taken will probably have been broad spectrum and so cover a multitude of bugs.

If it is a sinus, it will need to heal from the inside out. It will take time.

Trouble is the face is an open exposure to every bug flying around in the air isnt it, so very difficult to avoid infection.

pellmell Fri 03-Jul-09 22:18:33

no I completely agree with you about the silliness if the tweezers thing!
To clarify it was on the bit of the wound that looked healed with a dried up scab and we thought it was cotton fluff from something like a flannel or towel etc. it was pulling the "fluff" that revealed it was the end of a stitch. We were both really suprised as we thought they were all removed .

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