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DD - viruccas now migrated to a rather sensitive location (tush!) how to deal?

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pickyvic Fri 03-Jul-09 20:51:49

DD used to swim at a club and caught the odd verucca. they used to treat just fine and go - but we seem to have some super strain that has so far resisted all treatment. she gave one to me, am having same problem, but now she has 2 warts on her backside!
ive bazukered and tried the home freezing kits for the veruccas -and she is having the veruccas frozen at the GP but before she gets her next appointment a new one has sprung up somewhere.

how the hell do i treat the ones on her tush? she is 12 and not relishing the prospect of having to bare her ass to the (male) GP!

So far she has infected me, her brother, and her poor dad got a lovely wart right between his eyes! im making her use her own towels etc. but this is now quite literally a pain in the arse!
how do i treat it?

Rsmum Fri 03-Jul-09 20:55:51

Unfortunately you will need to let the GP treat it (and see it). Is there a female Gp or nurse in the practice? The over the counter products are absolutely unsafe to use on such a delicate area. Sorry to be th bearer of bad news! sad

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