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help ! 9 wk old with bad tummy for over a week.....

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Londonmummy05 Mon 16-May-05 18:07:26

DS has had a bad tummy since last Monday, strains a lot then does explosive poos, sometimes diaorreah ( can't spell it, sorry!) Went to GP on Friday and she said it's common after 2 months when babies start putting hands in mouth and it should clear up after 5-7 days. It's already been 7 days and no change. He had a sore bot becasue of it but that's cleared up now. I just feel really helpless and he looks like he's in pain when he strains. Haven't had a reasonable nights sleep since. he had just started sleeping from 11 until 5am but now wakes up every 2hours.
Has anyone else had this? My mum thinks we should try and stop last bottle of formula at night ( i'm breastfeeding) But I've been using this for 5 weeks now and he;s been ok, I use milupa aptimel 1st but have starting using the pre made one, could it be this? I'm going to Ireland for wedding on Thursday for 5 days so would really like it to clear up before then.
One moer question (sorry) If i've stopped BFing last thing does it mean that I won't be able to start feeding again at that time? I'd be grateful for any wise advice , feel so bad for dh he;s fine otherwise and still has smiling fits and no fever etc

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