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Diarrhoea + Chicken Pox

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sueanna Tue 06-May-03 13:56:26

My poor little DD, 8months old, who now has chicken pox, started off with a huge vommit on Thurs night (midnight), entire stomach contents. Was unwell on Friday, ate very little, slept alot. NHS direct said just feed her formular as she was too young to be without it. She was confirmed with chicken pox friday evening after a few spots appeared and blistered. She now looks like spot the spotty dog, and is very bright and happy. However, she has had bad diarrhoea since yesterday large amounts of yellow fluid - nappies just weren't designed for this! I've always thought that dairy was bad for this sort of upset, but after being told by the NHS nurse that she shouldn't do without milk, I'm not sure what I should do... do I just ride it out?
She is certainly feeding more, although less than usual, and I'm trying some baby rice with any milk she doesn't take (just to try and get some goodness/vitamins into her).

Any suggestions?

kmg1 Tue 06-May-03 20:05:31

sueanna - sympathies - it's horrid coping with these vicious stomach bugs, isn't it? She sounds happy enough, but do keep an eye on her temperature, as sometimes they are susceptible to other things when they have CP, and can develop complications.

Can't advise on the feeding I'm afraid .. trying to dredge my memory (my youngest is 4 this week!) I seem to remember ds1 having a horrid stomach bug at 8 months, and just continuing to feed - I was still bf at the time. But just wanted to offer my support - thinking of you. I have memories of wiping unmentionables off the stair carpet, skirting board, radiator, and wall, after one particularly dramatic dash upstairs! (Yes he did have nappy and clothes on!)

Hope her tummy settles down soon. Do contact your GP again if you're still very worried.

Mum2Toby Tue 06-May-03 20:10:14

When ds started Nursery at 4 mths he was forever catching sickness bugs. We have been told each time to stop milk completely and give water instead.... the important thing is to keep them hydrated. Lack of milk for a few days won't have much consequence (she probably wouldn't keep it down anyway), but dehydration is much worse. So just try water for a few hours.... then start introducing watery milk. If she keeps that down then reduce the dilution the next time.

She'll be hunky-dory in no time.... if she's feeding then that's a fantastic sign, I'm sure she's over the worst.

sueanna Tue 06-May-03 20:46:34

Thanks for the support, having a baby who is uncomfortable in more than one place, can be pretty wearing.

I had an interesting conversation with NHS direct - extremely nice nurses - about milk and upset tums, and their view was that yes, cows milk can react with the virus/bacteria causing the upset however, this is not the case with Formula.

DD took a good 6oz bottle before least her apetite is improving, last night it was only 3oz...however, this might mean that 6oz will be shooting back at me tomorrow!!
She is now fast asleep with a small dose of calpol, due to a 2nd set of nice red CP spots appearing....hmmmm.
Perhaps I should go to bed NOW!!

Thanks again for your thoughts.

willow2 Tue 06-May-03 21:41:02

sueanna - my ds (just 3) had horrendous upset tummy with chickenpox recently but it calmed down once the spots were out. I'm not sure, but as it's the chickenpox virus causing diarrhoea rather than a tummy bug, maybe the rules about milk are different?

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