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Regular-Irregular Period HELP?!!

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Tai Thu 02-Jul-09 16:57:23

Can anyone help me please?

Not sure if I have posted in right section.

Have visited 2 different gynae's in the past few weeks only to be told to keep an eye on my cycles and that I basically wont be treated or given any meds until after Sept (they want me to track for that long).

So, heres the past few cycles'

APR: 37 day
May 11th (29), MAY 26th (16), JUNE 9th (15) JUNE 25th (17).

I'm bleeding so heavy that I'm changing (towels) maybe 3-4, sometiems more an hour.

Currently on iron tablets as shattered and aneamic.

Thanks in advance

KittyBigglesworth Thu 02-Jul-09 18:29:36

Have I read that correctly? You're changing towels 3-4 times an HOUR?

No wonder you're an anaemic, I've become anaemic before changing towels every 3 hours. That's awful for you.

Can't you go back to your G.P and stress the implications of you being so tired due to these heavy periods? The G.P nor the 2 Gynaes
can't give you any indication as to what condition is causing it?

Tai Thu 02-Jul-09 19:18:00

Yep, you read it right. Its getting me down a lot.

I change towels a lot, its awful as I darnet leave the house when I get it. TMI - when I sot on the toilet, it sounds like Im peeing when I'm not, IYKWIM.

The gynea seemed to think I was wasting his time and told me to go away and keep a check on it - I told him I was worried about it, as my mum had Ovarian/cervical cancer when she was 35. I know I may be a bit over cautious but I know this isn't right and I just want some answers. He conducted a trans vag scan and told me it looked normal, that I had a small cyst on my left ovary but it was nothing to be concerned about.

I was wondering if anyone had had the same sort of problem that could maybe shed some light on whats happening.

I have googled it to but cant find anything that relates to it.

I suppose I could go and throw myself on his table when I get my next one, maybe then ''He'' will have to do something.

Sorry for rambling, just needed to get it out thereQ!

BodenGroupie Thu 02-Jul-09 22:37:48

Hi - had a similar problem last year, although mine started off with 3 month gaps between periods then went down to a couple of weeks, with very heavy bleeding for a few days of that.

Scan showed 2nd cyst and I had the cyst and an ovary removed last week plus endometrial ablation for the heavy periods.

EA can only be used if you don't want more children, otherwise they recommend the Mirena coil. EA can stop periods completely and in about 90% of cases makes them a lot lighter. Too early for me to tell which it is for me!

I'd suggest going back to your GP and getting pressure put on the gynae (or a different one). Good luck.

KittyBigglesworth Fri 03-Jul-09 00:41:12

I know you shouldn't have to, but would your budget cover seeing a private gynae for another opinion? Gushing blood isn't right and I really think you need another opinion.

So when you remove the towel each time, they're completely saturated and feel very heavy in your hand? Sorry to ask but do you tell the G.P & gynae exactly what you're telling us here? I think you need to spell out how bad it is and say that you're at the end of your tether, tell them that when you have your period that you're a prisoner in your own home due to fear of leaking.

Wishing you luck with it. I know it's no help tonight but there's a G.P on LBC radio on (I think it's Monday or Tuesday pm) You could call in or send an e-mail/text. See what they say. It's free advice! They may even recommend a good gynae to you off air. Hope it goes well for you.

Tai Fri 03-Jul-09 07:13:34

Thanks for all the input.

The gynae I see is actually a private gynae, I pay on the yearly and per visit. I was very shocked by his attitude and left in tears as they have always been great whenever I visted before.

KittyB: I always tell the gynea everything in great detail, I think its the only way to get a full check and outcome (although obviously not this time for some reason). They are very heavy when I change, a bit weighted and I usually stain my clothes if I dont change in time (TMI, sorry).
(Forgot to say, I'm in Europe so don't get to listen much to UK radio/TV shock ;)

Bodengroupie: Thanks for sharing your experience with me, I appreciate it, I hope yuor recovery period is a short one.

We are hoping to try for another baby in a year or so, although DH has said my health comes first and that if I need some treatment that a 2nd baby can wait or we can change our plans. I'd like to think its something treatable to the point I wont need major surgery and it can be sorted short term by the pill or such.

I will call to make another appointment and see what they say. I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks again ladies.

KittyBigglesworth Sat 04-Jul-09 08:12:26

You're welcome, I'm sorry you're going through all that and astounded by the attitude of your gynae. Your husband's right, you need to get your health in top condition before thinking about another baby.

Sorry that I can't offer you any better suggestions. Keep talking about it to people though, personal recommendations are best.

purepurple Sat 04-Jul-09 08:21:51

gosh, that's heavy bleeding!
I have always suffered from irregular periods and a couple of years ago I started to get heavy periods too.

I went to the doc and he did blood tests and put me on iron tablets for anemia.
He also put me on dicynene to stop the bleeding which worked a little bit.

I also had a scan and a visit to the hospital for an internal and a biopsy.

All came back ok so the doc suggested the Mirena coil, which has stopped my periods altogether.
I now feel normal again, not exhausted all the time.
The only drawback is I have put some weight on, about 1/2 stone, but I can live with that.
All of this was on the NHS.

Good luck with sorting it out, I know how exhausted it makes you feel.

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