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Need a very effective sunblock for medical reasons - any recs?

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vannah Wed 01-Jul-09 20:51:21

my daughter has had a recent burns accident and consequently must be well protected in the sun. Even the slightest colour from the sun will result in a permanent discolouration as her skin has not fully healed yet.

So I have protective clothing and am trying to keep her out of the sun this year, but for short trips to the shops - best sun block?
I have asian complexion and my husband is white, but our daugther is more my skin colour. In the past I have found high factor sun creams to be totally useless on me, I still colour and all of my family say the same - that they actually get darker with sun block! (we are not staying out in the sun for long) so in the last couple of years I stopped using it.
Im sure my theory that sun block actually doesnt protect you from the sun is warped. Does anyone have a good experience of a totally effective block/cream?

CMOTdibbler Thu 02-Jul-09 11:13:09

The Lupus society have a good webpage here with all sorts of products for sun protection. It seems that you may be able to get these high factor, total spectrum, sunscreens on prescription for your daughter.

If she is old enough to use one, a parasol would be a good idea

vannah Fri 03-Jul-09 22:38:51

thankyou for that link! about to look it up now...

foxinsocks Fri 03-Jul-09 22:47:04

ah that's a good link CMOT

have you got a good wide brimmed hat? those are nice to wear too (for her)

I would also suggest seeing if you can get something on prescription if you can

in the meantime, I have a factor 50 by Ambre Solaire (not sure which one, I checked and made sure it had all the stars) that has been brilliant this summer. Am v pleased with it.

hope her skin heals soon

careergirl Sat 04-Jul-09 00:05:29

go to google and type in sun togs
company that does high factor suncream including creams formulated for sensitive skin and for children, also manufactures range of cover up wear catering for children.

PrettyCandles Sat 04-Jul-09 00:32:40

I am allergic to sunlight, and I use L'Oreal products on my most sensitive and exposed areas. The milk sprays are good, very light even at factor 50 - ie not embarassing to wear! I think, not at all sure, that they are chemical sunscreens, not mineral ones.

For mineral sunscreens (which I don't care for becuase they alwasy show a bit, but sometimes I have no choice but have to use them) I tend to use Ultrasun products.

I have very sensitive skin that reacts to all sorts of stuff, espeically in sunshine, but these products are never a problem.

I was advised by a dermatologist to moisturise/medicate first, wait 20-30 minutes or so for everything to be absorbed, and only then put sunscreen on.

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