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First foods after sicky bug?

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sassy Mon 16-May-05 13:33:24

DD1 has been throwing up since Friday and eaten almost nothing in that time. She is much better today and (touch wood) seems to be over the bug but I'm not sure what's best to get her eating again. So far today she's had nearly a whole piece of dry bread and a bit of biscuit. Any ideas for something a bit more substantial? i believe its a good idea to avoid dairy, is this right?

sassy Mon 16-May-05 13:48:19


kcemum Mon 16-May-05 14:02:13

Anything bland really. Toast with marmite, Ricecakes, ham sandwich,

WigWamBam Mon 16-May-05 14:12:08

I usually give dd a bit of toast or some mashed potato.

Lonelymum Mon 16-May-05 14:12:10

Yes avoid dairy for at least three days after she last was sick. My ds2 was sick on Saturday night and today I gave him a fishfinger and a boiled potato and some peas for lunch. Potato, rice, plain stuff like that is best. Jelly is also a possibility. Cereal without milk.

eldestgirl Mon 16-May-05 14:35:44

Yes, they can be a bit dairy intolerant to begin with, as sometimes the lining of the gut takes a bit of grief from the bug.
Boiled egg and marmite soldiers, plain pasta with a bit of ketchup, apple puree?

HappyMumof2 Mon 16-May-05 15:52:49

Message withdrawn

sassy Tue 17-May-05 07:59:03

Ta for ideas. BRAT diet is really useful way to remember!

NotQuiteCockney Tue 17-May-05 08:56:34

The BRAT diet is the ideal. Avoid fat, dairy, anything complicated or hard to digest. I'd say bananas are the best of the lot, as they're really high calorie, and (god forbid) if they have to come back up again, at least they're not scratchy.

Apple juice also helps.

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