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How to get a mammogram?

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dippica Tue 30-Jun-09 10:37:17

My sister has had (and happily survived) breast cancer this year, and I'm obviously anxious about the increased chances for myself.

How old do you have to be to be screened? If you have a family history, are you screened sooner?

Thanks folks.

thirtysomething Tue 30-Jun-09 10:40:36

yes, your GP can referyou to the family history clinic at the local breast care centre (usually at a hospital). You will be offered an annual examination and mammogram if they think you have a strong family history.

Cranberry Tue 30-Jun-09 17:51:49

Dippica, I've just joined the Family History Early Screening programme.
In Berkshire it's run by nurses who are extremley knowledgable however, they did tell me that not all area's of the country operate the scheme.
FYI you can be accepted on the programme from the age of 35, you have one mammogram when you join the scheme then are offered yearly checks until the age of 40 where you are offered yearly mammogram until the age of 50 when you are trabsferred to the normal scheme. The good thing about the programme is once accepted if you found a lump or anything else untoward you have a dedicated number to call and can be seen straight away.
Let me know if need any further info.
Good Luck

dippica Tue 30-Jun-09 19:13:29

That's really useful. I'm in Nottinghamshire, and there does appear to be a simiilar clinic here, so I'll go and see if my GP is happy to refer me.
Not sure what a strong family history is - its really only my sister [touches wood] so whether the GP will just think I'm making a fuss, I don't know!

thirtysomething Tue 30-Jun-09 20:59:50

There's a very good clinic at the Breast centre at City hospital in Nottingham. I think if your sister had it at a young-ish age (under 50) then you should qualify. At City they offer mamograms from late 30s if you have family history - until then annual breast exams as mammograms not effective for women under a certai age. Good luck - the GP won't think you're making a fuss. I too have a family history and mentioned it in passing to the GP who immediately decided to refer me. They'd always rather pick these things up through screening programmes.

Cranberry Tue 30-Jun-09 21:13:50

Your definately not making a fuss. My GP was the one that suggested it to me.
I know it has to be a direct relative i.e Mother or Sister, how old are you and your sister?
They will ask you to check all relatives Aunties/Uncles/Grandparents.
It was only my Mother, diagnosed at 34 and died at 38, this was over 20 years ago though, thankfully things have changed in that time. Unfortunately if diagnosed under the age of 35 it can often be very agressive.
I've just had my first Mammogram which came back all clear and although I wasn't worried about them finding anything as it doesn't seem to be genetic is my case it has given me piece of mind.

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