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Why did I just have a ''NOT'' period???

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tstar Tue 30-Jun-09 04:20:44

I know I could go to the doctor but I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and their out come.
By the way did a pregnancy test and
Friday I felt awful so pressumed my period was here, I felt tired completely washed out, ached in my front legs and belly, felt really bloated, cranky, basically really crap.
Have been feeling a bit better everyday since but totally feel like I have a period. On Friday I had dark spotting at first, nothing much at all, since then nothing, yet the whole time I have had this strange feeling that I had been bleeding.
This is the first time this has ever happened.
What is my body doing???

UndertheBoredwalk Tue 30-Jun-09 04:51:47

Yes this has happened to me, and yes I was pregnant, but when I tested after the 'non period' I got a negative, positive test came in about 10 days later.
Sooo test again in a week I say!

tstar Tue 30-Jun-09 04:58:40

Thanx for your feed back,I guess its too early to really know. Not looking for a pregnancy at the moment or at all really so in a weird situation.
I would take it in my stride and be happy but my partner would'nt be too happy.
We already have 2 little ones.
I guess I was looking for any other out comes.

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