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Breast Cancer advice needed

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mcmum Sun 15-May-05 22:20:02

My dear friend is suffering with breast cancer she had a mastectomy two weeks ago and is waiting to start chemotherapy she is waiting for further tests on remainder breast as nodules found. I read a thread recently from two mums who were going through the same and I was wondering what a cold cap ? is and the anti sickness lollies were they talked about any advice greatly appreciated would like to do all I can to help her she has two children ds 7 and dd2 . Going in bath will check for respones soon, thanks in advance.

Uncomfortable Mon 16-May-05 10:18:55

Sorry Im of no help to you but I will bump for you.

mancmum Mon 16-May-05 10:25:55

think cold cap is a special hat you can wear for certain treatments that means you don't suffer hairloss... but not all treatments mean you can use it...

anti sickness lollies have anti emetics in them to stop vomiting and nausea... not sure why they are in lolly form though...

mcmum Tue 17-May-05 22:06:16

mancmum, thanks for response any ideas where i can get lollies from ?

happymerryberries Tue 17-May-05 22:11:03

The cold cap is just that, a cap that cools down the scalp and in doing do reduces the blood flow to the surface of the scalp. So less blood will flow there while the chemo is being given. the theory is that less chemo gets to the hair folicles and it reduces hair loss.

Your friend should be given good anti sickness drugs, dh had some good ones when he had his chemo and never threw up, felt sick but that was all.

If your friend has very long hair they sometimes recomend a shorter cut and it is less likely to fall out if it is shorter (weighs less IYSWIM)

Hope that things go as well as possible. She is lucky to have such a thoughtful friend

mcmum Tue 17-May-05 22:15:35

happymerryberries, thanks for reply wud like to do more to help her but feel bit helpless !

mcmum Tue 17-May-05 22:25:42

wher do you get lollies and cap from

happymerryberries Wed 18-May-05 06:25:20

The hospital unit should have these things. You can't buy them yourself. It would be worth her discussing them with her doctor or possibly a breast case nurse on the unit that is treating her

It is very hard , wanting to do something and not feeling that you can.

being there to listen is one of the best gifts that you can gice her. If you want to do something more material, could could research some aroma therpy candles or soemthing like that.

My dh's aunt had som e rather nasty chemotherapt we discussed this with an aronmatherapist and she sugested so things that helf to reduce the nausia. it wasn't much but at least we felt we were doing soemthing

huppa Wed 18-May-05 08:09:49

Sorry to hear about your friend. The thread with the information about the lollies is here

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