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tightening of the chest - what can it mean?

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vannah Sun 28-Jun-09 20:38:13

For about 4 months now Im experiencing horrible pains in my chest. They have occured each time my husband has done something alarmingly dangerous and I get so angry, Ive noticed my chest starts to feel tight as if someone is squeezing it.

Ive suffered from shortness of breath too for about a year quite badly, but doctors handed over the asthma pumps and insisted that was the cause. Ive not found them to help.

So about 5 weeks ago I went to see my gp, told her that Ive also noticed pains when at rest too. She insisted that I was too young (37) to have any kind of heart disease but I insisted that Im checked in some way, so she gave me the blood test forms and an appt for an ECG carried out on a treadmill.

Ecg looked fine, still waiting for blood tests.Im still experiencing pains in my chest though. Almost always when Im stressed and sometimes when Im at rest. Mad time at home, our house sale is falling through and my baby has had a horrific burns accident.

What can it be and what can I now do? My doctor said there are no other tests to be done. Should I try to see a private heart specialist?

thanks for any advice

stanausauruswrecks Sun 28-Jun-09 20:53:03

Sounds like anxiety to me. The traedmill test is an effective method of diagnosing heart disease so I'd be reassured if that was normal, and don't think a private referral to a cardiologist would do any further investigations. Does your GP know about all the stress you've been having? it may be more productive to do something about that than give you asthma pumps!
Hope your baby is OK.

vannah Sun 28-Jun-09 21:07:04

thanks for that stanausauruswrecks! gp wanted me to come back to discuss stress but havent done that, really dont want to be offered anti-depressants because im not depressed, just highly stressed over maddening circumstances.

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