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DH has another bad chest - which is quite worrying

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Katymac Sun 28-Jun-09 19:40:56

As he is 11 days into a 14 day course of anti-biotics

I guess I phone Papworth again tomorrow

I am feeling a bit down again

mumblecrumble Sun 28-Jun-09 20:41:27

SOrry you are down. Does he have a history then?

CarGirl Sun 28-Jun-09 20:42:16


Katymac Sun 28-Jun-09 20:47:11


& tbh I am so fed up

It was better before Papworth at least then he was just down all the time, now we have peaks; which make the troughs so much worse

Katymac Sun 28-Jun-09 22:36:41

Uh-oh he has got significantly worse during the evening

Oh bugger

IkeaHighchair Sun 28-Jun-09 22:39:44

Are you alright Katy? How is he?

Do you think you need to get him seen tonight. If he is getting worse on ABs this is not good (sorry).

Katymac Sun 28-Jun-09 22:42:44

I kinda worked that out

He isn't awful - but he should be getting better not worse

He isn't as bad as it was on Thursday when he had the AB diagnosed but he has slipped about 4 or 5 days back imo

I'm not sure about taking him in tbh as we are about 100 miles from Papworth & I guess my local hospital wouldn't do much

IkeaHighchair Sun 28-Jun-09 22:46:45

Sorry - didn't mean to be patronising. I realise that you can't get to Papworth (it is PerfectPrefect BTW) - but I didn't know if you were trying to say that you needed "help" tonight IYSWIM - in which case you shouldn't rule out your local hospital. They can certainly make him more comofrtable if he is struggling - irrespective of his history.

Katymac Sun 28-Jun-09 22:50:13

If he gets as bad as Thursday I will ring an ambulance - I won't have a choice tbh

But he isn't that bad yet

I didn't mean to snap/be rude I guess I am just worried...sorry

IkeaHighchair Sun 28-Jun-09 22:53:25

No - I realise that Katy. I know you are stressed about this - don't worry about it. I just wasn't sure that you recognise me (not sure if you recognise me without the Ikea outfit on TBH).

I am frustrated for you. Sounds if you need something drastic to get him back on track...I don't know what to suggest though.

How is DD coping with it? I know that she was very concerned a couple of weeks ago when he was "first" ill with this bout.

Katymac Sun 28-Jun-09 23:02:19

She has broken her little toe & is enjoying that atm so Daddy is down on the list of priorities which bizarrely I am quite pleased about hmm

I do think I need to sort something out for her - fortunately she does have lots on outside the house. But her dancing depends upon him - I can't take that over without a major job change.

DH is sat up as he is uncomfy lying down

Katymac Sun 28-Jun-09 23:15:08

Off to bed

See you tomorrow & fingers crossed he brightens up a bit

Katymac Mon 29-Jun-09 13:17:40

He is being admitted to Papworth later

Catch you when I get back

IkeaHighchair Mon 29-Jun-09 17:08:43

sad Katy.

Sorry I had gone to bed before you posted last night.

He is hopefully in the right place to get sorted though.

Let us know how he is.

Katymac Mon 29-Jun-09 18:28:09

He is having bloods/liver/chest tests tomorrow then is probably going on 3 different ABs for up to 18m

IkeaHighchair Mon 29-Jun-09 21:32:15


Any prognosis on how long he will be in Papworth?

Katymac Mon 29-Jun-09 22:02:38

If they treat him for Mycobacterium - less
If they treat him for a chest infection 10-14 days

Katymac Tue 30-Jun-09 17:02:51

Well it's been a great day

Dh stuck in Papworth - me running round like a headless chicken & nothing happening to DH

How much does it cost to keep someone in hospital for a day?

IkeaHighchair Tue 30-Jun-09 18:32:27

Have they done nothing shock?

I really wish there was something I could just feels like words are not enough - but short of coming dwon to Papworth and holding his Drs hostage until they actually do something to help him in both teh long term and short term I am all out of ideas.


Katymac Tue 30-Jun-09 18:39:41

Well they took some blood mid morning & he phoned 5 mins ago to say they were putting a line in (but the IV might not start until tomorrow)

I have contacted PALS (& left a message on the ansaphone) saying as I live so far away & am busy earning our keep, could someone please phone me & keep me up-to-date with what is happening;as when I ring the ward no-one can understand the questions I am asking.

I don't know if that is what PALS is for but it would help me if once a day they could either phone & explain what is happening or let me ring them & they can tell me what is happening

IpeeFreely Tue 30-Jun-09 18:40:34


how is dd today?

IkeaHighchair Tue 30-Jun-09 18:42:10

The simple things like you describe can make so much difference to the family of a patient like your DH.

i think that is exactly what PALS is there for (well IMO anyway).

Katymac Tue 30-Jun-09 21:40:59

Fingers crossed that they get in touch tomorrow (I hope I left my number I was a bit frustrated at that moment)

I guess PALS are a 9-5 jobbie (or maybe even a 10-4 hmm)

Katymac Tue 30-Jun-09 22:12:39

Sorry DD is having total meltdown upstairs in my bed

I don't really know what to do with her

IkeaHighchair Tue 30-Jun-09 22:14:08


IIRC she is at an age where she understands enough to make her worry but not enough to reassure her?

I really really really don't knwo what to suggest.

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