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Where to go for an eye test?

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Gobbledigook Sun 15-May-05 12:29:43

I've noticed the past few weeks that whenever I'm at the PC I'm sort of squinting/frowning and if I try to open my eyes properly words are a bit blurry. I've noticed this when driving too.

I had glasses for reading yrs ago when I was a student but since leaving uni (10 yrs!) have not worn them

Where should I go just for an eyetest and will it cost me lots of money?

Rainbow Sun 15-May-05 12:44:35

Yes you should. I go to spec savers it's about £25. Phone around and ask.

hunkermunker Sun 15-May-05 12:45:21

I would go to a local optician (one-off or chain) and ask - eye tests aren't very expensive (can be free), but having them regularly doesn't just check your eyesight, it can pick up health problems - high blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes, etc.

SaintGeorge Sun 15-May-05 12:53:08

Damn - have just thrown away a voucher for free test at Dolland and Aitchison. Check newspapers and magazines, they often do offers.

MarsLady Sun 15-May-05 12:55:40

I'd ask if there are any offers going. I agree, look in the paper, magazines even your junk mail. Can't have you unable to see what we are saying about you now. lol

Gobbledigook Sun 15-May-05 12:58:14

Hee hee! It's not that bad, but I think my sight is def deteriorating! Too much time in front of the pooter!

noddyholder Sun 15-May-05 12:59:28

I went to asda and it was fantastic and glasses v reasonable

SaintGeorge Sun 15-May-05 13:01:34

Remember as well that you don't have to have the eye test and then buy the glasses (if needed) at the same place, so you can shop around for the best test price and then go elsewhere if the specs are cheaper.

Gobbledigook Sun 15-May-05 13:11:42

Boo hoo, I don't want specs! Everyone will call me speccy fore eyes

Gobbledigook Sun 15-May-05 13:12:00

Or is it 'four eyes'? DUnno!

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