Numbness on outer ear - any ideas why??

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BigMomma3 Sat 27-Jun-09 14:24:03

This morning I have noticed the outer edge of my left ear is numb (the shell like part) and thought it rather bizarre. My hearing is not affected and I have not had earache or anything. It is higher up than the part where my ear is pierced so I doubt it is anything to do with that.

Could it be the way I slept although I have never had this before? Am a bit of a worrier so if anyone has any ideas, it would be appreciated!!

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imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Sat 27-Jun-09 14:59:03

I'm willing to bet money you have slept on it! Not entirely sure i have much feeling there myself!

I suffer from health anxiety so i worry over anything, but i honestly think this is not suspicious. The outer part of the ear doesn't serve a purpose other than forming a reciever for the sound, its inside where you have all the nerves. Stop worrying.

BigMomma3 Sat 27-Jun-09 15:57:01

Thanks imay! I think that is probably it, keep on feeling it though and worrying - pita is'nt it!!

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Rosieonline Sat 11-Jul-09 11:10:46

Did it clear up on its own? I woke up with the very same thing with my right helix. Went to the gp who thiught I might have an ear inf which is causing some swelling which may be pressing on a nerve. I am on anti bios. GP didn't think it was the sleep awkwardly thing. It feels most odd..and I am worried too....

BigMomma3 Sat 11-Jul-09 17:06:45

Rosie - my numbness has gone - lasted for about a week though. Still no idea why, had no pain or swelling to indicate an infection. Just put to it down to an anomaly and forgot about it!

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AmyDr1975 Wed 09-Oct-19 00:50:57

My upper right ear is numb at times, no pain associated with it. No wax build up or discharge either. It comes in waves , like I can feel it start to tingle then when I touch it, it stops. Any suggestions

LuvisLife Tue 14-Jul-20 13:07:10

Amy, I have exact same symptoms. It started a week ago in one ear but today go to both ears. I feel those waves of funny tingling. Usually starts in the evening. Any updates? Thanks smile


Abbeyrose Tue 01-Sep-20 08:34:34

Hi Amy, did you ever get any clarification on what the problem is? I would appricates any advice because I have had this feeling on the outer of my ear for over 8 months on and off and it only happens when I go to sleep and the numbness wakes me up and then I have that wierd tingly feeling!? But I cant keep lossing sleep I'm so tierd from it all. Debating to call my gp now but haven't because of the way 2020 has been..

Zebadiah123 Sun 27-Dec-20 13:53:54

same situation, my upper part of outer ear feels weird, like its numb or someones pressing it, or kinda feeling hot(not in a painful way).... i search my sypmtoms google but only this website have this kind of discussion... but nobody still got the remedy or say what causes this type of sensation...

CandleWick4 Tue 02-Feb-21 11:48:46

Jumping on - I know it’s an old thread but I’ve just googled ‘top of ear is numb’ and this came up. Do any of you wear glasses by any chance? I’m wondering whether the arms of mine (they’re about a year old and I’ve not had this before) are sitting in such a way that they are either lying on a nerve or they’re affecting the blood flow and causing the feeling? Mine is intermittent, not everyday either but it comes and goes for a minute or so at a time and mostly just my right ear. I’m thinking it’s my glasses or my pillow? I generally sleep on my left so wondering if when I do sleep on my right it causes this?

MyNameForToday1980 Thu 04-Feb-21 22:51:50

I'm glad you've reopened this conversation @CandleWick4 I've got exactly the same symptom at the moment. The very top of my right ear feels as if someone is pressing it, then a fizzy tingly feeling comes and goes intermittently (it stops if I touch it). Not painful, but weird. Mainly in the evening, but from time to time during the day.

Sometimes I feel the tingling spread around my scalp and cheek.

I don't wear glasses. But I do wear over ear headphones (Zoom calls) a good few hours a day.

CandleWick4 Mon 08-Feb-21 11:39:48

I’m leaning more towards my sleep pattern and which side I lie on causing the issue. The night before last I slept like a log and on my left side. Yesterday I barely had a tingle. Last night I turned more and I know I slept on my right side more and today my ear has already started with this feeling. I’m guessing when I sleep on that side I’m lying on a nerve or affecting the blood supply?

Mommy2tommy Tue 23-Feb-21 06:01:28

Has anyone figured this out yet? I’ve been dealing with with tingling and numbness in the top part of my outer left ear, intermittently throughout the day. It stops when I touch it and hold my hand over that spot, and it seems to tingle worse when I’m laying down. I’ve had an MRI and everything was normal. This has been going one for about 4 months now. sad

borninmay Sat 20-Mar-21 19:04:30

For most of us experiencing this problem, I suspect it's due to superficial inflammation of the auricle (outer ear) or the nerves controlling sensation of your ear. A couple potential causes & solutions below - if anyone tries them, report back whether it's successful smile

1. Sternocleidomastoid hypertrophy: If you're using the computer more often, and sitting in a position with forward head flexion, then you're at risk of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (located at the front of your neck) becoming overused, leading to hypertrophy (muscle building) and potentially inflammation. Since your greater auricular nerve goes through the sternocleidomastoid, you could be at risk of the muscle and inflammatory process compressing the nerve, which would cause pain and numbness experienced at your auricle.
Solution: Proper positioning of neck and head while working, stretching of sternocleidomastoid (ideally see a physiotherapist or chiropractor for advice), strengthen opposing muscles.

2. Tissue damage at the ear: We're all wearing masks nowadays, and the loop that goes around the ear puts pressure on the skin. With prolonged use, this could cause damage. Other causes here could include your glasses being too tight, using headphones that are ill-fitting, bumping your ear on something, or poor sleeping position.
Solution: If you can, sleep lying on your back so your ears have no pressure on them at night. Buy good-fitting masks and glasses. Take breaks when you can/when it's safe from mask wearing/glasses wearing.

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