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what is wrong with me?

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bodgejob Fri 26-Jun-09 22:45:08

symptoms started about three months ago after a really stressful time. Around the same time I put my back out really badly. Along with the pain in back I developed random aches and pain in all my joints,and muscles and really bad fatigue . Basically I went from being super fit running around after my 3 boys to not being able to push a single pushchair or carry a light shopping bag.
The Dr checked my blood and found I had raised anti-bodies so have just had it re-checked 3 weeks later and am awaiting results.
whereas I am feeling alot better I am still not able to do much without feeling stiff and achy. Even carrying my sons book bag causes me to be unable to straighten my arm afterwards.
I also have weird tingly sensation in legs and hands especially first thing in the morning like my blood isnt circulating properly.
Any ideas anyone. I just want to get back to my normal energetic self.

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