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sex survey....

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mastersandjohnson Fri 26-Jun-09 20:01:04

not sure if this is the right place- maybe should also post in Health..

namechanger regular....

Some of my friends and I feel( or rather don't!) that we do not really get anything out of actual penetration- though we like foreplay and lots of clitoral play.

It's not down to slackness or lack of tone ( one friend has no DCs).

I have never orgasmed through penetration ( evidently most women don't and, even if they say they do, it is because their clits are being stimulated at the same time.)

I don't find penetration unpleasant, but I certainly don't get anything like as much pleasure out of it as my partner.

IS this just me and if you are like this too, or were, can you suggest anything to increase the pleasure?

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 20:03:12

You've just said that evidently most women do not orgasm through penetration so you know it is not just you.

Do you just want us to spill pervy details ?

mastersandjohnson Fri 26-Jun-09 20:07:59

no pervy details- just do you think of England or is it better than "okay"?

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 26-Jun-09 20:10:52

what's stopping you or him stimulating you externally during penetration ?

islandlassie Fri 26-Jun-09 20:13:13

i dont 'think of england'. My feeling seems to be stronger sometimes and therfore enjoy it more but others i seem to get little from it

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