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microsuction of the ear , anyone had this?

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littlebrownmouse Thu 25-Jun-09 09:56:13

I've had an ear infectin for about six weeks and after three courses of antibiotics hadn't cleared it, my doctor sent me for micro suction.

I had it done yesterday, it was fine, I also had to have a blood vessel that had come to the surface cauterised (sp?). Apparently when infections are really bad, the blood sends too many white bolld cell to the area to try to heal it and then the blood vessels come through the surface.

I have to have antibiotic ear drops for two weeks and then go back. The problem is, my ear still feels as though its discharging, is still smelly and I feel a bit light headed and dizzy. Anyone know if this is normal?

littlebrownmouse Thu 25-Jun-09 18:29:15


I am unique on Mumsnet?

welshdeb Thu 25-Jun-09 19:41:20

I had it a few years ago due to nasty ear infection with perforated eardrum. like you it was followed up by drops.

I found it an extremely wierd sensation but it did work well, although when I went for a follow up the doc siad I had a polyp on the eardrum which needed cauterising with some black stuff, otherwise it wouldn't have healed.

I had a lot of tinnitus in my ear for quite some time after too.

littlebrownmouse Thu 25-Jun-09 20:39:47

I had a polyp removd under general a few years ago. i have a long history of hideous ear infections, perforations and glue ear. It was fine when I had it done but I was expecting it not to be leaking smelly stuff still. Did you have horrid discharge after the micro suction or did it stop immediately?

welshdeb Thu 25-Jun-09 21:31:10

The discharge did clear up eventually. The ENT doc said that oral abs weren't much use. and drops were much better.

I had very strong drops (gentamicin I think) which did work in the end. Difficult to say when discharge stopped as the drops made my ear all dribbly and I couldn't tell what was discharge and what was the drops.

Was pretty disgusting when this huge black scab like thing fell out of my ear, which I presume was the remains of the polyp and scab from the healing of the eardrum.

littlebrownmouse Thu 25-Jun-09 22:22:07

Thanks. Will wait and see how the ear drops go. They haven't given me them so far as they said my ear was all clogged so they wuoldn't get down it. YUCK!! I'm just fed up of the smell of horrid ear gunk and of waking up in the morning with my head adhered to the pillow. Haven't picked drops up yet will see how they go. Not light headed any more so that's a good thing.

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