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Wisdom teeth info please

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poshwellies Wed 24-Jun-09 12:46:46

My left upper wisdom tooth has finally decided to appear after yrs of threatening and causing me pain off and on.

I'm in agony-I can feel it there but it's half covered under the gum and I can hardly open my mouth as my jaw is so painful-is this normal?

SOLOisMeredithGrey Thu 25-Jun-09 00:58:30

Mine took years to come through as well. I do recall the severe soreness too and even now at age 45 I sometimes get a really sore gum around the wisdoms at the bottom. Try a cotton bud with LAVENDER oil on it and dab it on the gum. It's antiseptic and it's what I use each time it's sore.

differentnameforthis Thu 25-Jun-09 04:25:16

It sounds like pericoronitis. Inflammation of the gum flap overlying the tooth. This happens becuse it is hard to clean under the flap, so food implacts causing irritation.

You may need antibiotics, so I would see a dentist.

Warm salt water rinses in the mean time & please do not apply anything to the area, unless directed by a GP or dentist. Lavender oil is an anticeptic, but can also burn delicate tissue, so you may end up in more pain!

Nurofen is good, as anti-inflammatory.

poshwellies Thu 25-Jun-09 14:40:12

Thanks,pain isn't letting up so I think it will require a visit to the dentist(on payday).In the meantime,I'm using a medicated mouthwash and copious amounts of OTC meds.

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