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help please is this normal?Discharging breasts and possibly TMI

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medicalprob Tue 23-Jun-09 23:36:01

I am 46 and have had some recent tests for the menopause ~ I had a mirena and no periods so I decided to take it out as I had breast tenderness and fluid retention.
I also had tiredness and the GP tested my hormone levels which were found to be in the post menopausal range twice.
The mirena came out 4 weeks ago and have had bleeding ever since[and 1 week before removal].Biopsy was taken of the womb,have not had the result yet.

So far so ok.

The breasttenderness that had seemed to settle down has come back a bit since the bleeding anda couple of times have thought my nipples maybe were discharging.
So today in the bath I squeezed them a bit like when you are bfing;the right had pale greeny liquid like colostrum type stuff;the left had the same but also blackish liquid.

I am now thrown into panic wondering whether this has been the case since stopping bfing2 or 3 yrs ago[I know it did happen for quite a while,greeny stuff that is]or it is new??

1.why am I bleeding all the timeif post menopausal[not all that worried about this as gynae knew and didn't seem too bothered,am waiting fo biopsy and

2What is the black stuff??Very worried it is blood

Am totally bricking it as have had the engorgement and breast tenderness on the left for about a year

Please tell me anyone who has expressed colostrum after stopping bfingetc or any kind advice

Galava Tue 23-Jun-09 23:47:32

Hi MP, I was able to squeeze out milk for a couple of years after i finished bf. However, it was always a creamy yellow colour and I never really gave it another thought.

The colours you are describing sound a bit different though. You really should go back to your GP i think asap.

I think the human body can do strange things, especially at times of change, so dont worry too much at this stage, but do seek out further professional advice for reassurance please.

medicalprob Tue 23-Jun-09 23:53:15

Thanks galava.
I could also squeeze out pale greenish fluid which was like colostrum for a year or two ~ this might be all it is but its freaking me out as I have been told I have post menopausal hormones[although I was told the hormone levels go up and down for a while]and because of the blackness.

medicalprob Wed 24-Jun-09 12:26:19


poshwellies Wed 24-Jun-09 12:42:59

Go and see your Gp asap-better to be safe than sorry.

chipmonkey Wed 24-Jun-09 13:15:25

Agree with poshwellies. You need to see your GP about this ASAP.

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