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Best treatment for gastric flu? Advice please.

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Bellebelle Tue 23-Jun-09 18:35:34

Looks like DH has gastric flu, started feeling rubbish on Sunday evening (shivery and hot, achey limbs) and then was sick a few times in the night and getting some diahorrea. Has been at it's worst today with even water passing straight through him. He had it a few years back and ended up in hospital on a drip because he got so dehydrated. We obviously want to avoid that happening but how to keep him hydrated if it all goes straight through him? Should he be taking imodium (I think not because his body needs to expel the bug but tell me if I'm wrong). Is it worth trying rehydration sachets, will they do some good? Should he be eating anything?

Any advice much appreciated.

TinyPawz Tue 23-Jun-09 19:24:59

When my lo and I had this, doc suggested rehydration sachets thingys (yuck) and told us not to eat anything dairy or white like white rice/bread.

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