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Can I ask PCOSers a slightly icky question re discharge? Look away if easily distressed!!

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emeraldgirl1 Tue 23-Jun-09 17:05:54

I'm about to start some investigations for PCOS which, me being the great medical mind that I am hmm, I'm increasingly convinced that I've got... But I'm hearing that PCOS may mean you don't ovulate, and I'm not sure this applies to me because (deep breath) at a mid-point in my (admittedly crazy irregular) cycle, I get some pain in where I think my ovaries are, and a LOT of odourless white discharge.

So much so that a couple of years ago I got paranoid it might be an STD (if you knew my non-promiscuous lifestyle, you'd know what a joke that is!) and had tests done for chlamidya etc... all clear, of course.

But would I get this amount of discharge if I wasn't ovulating? I've always associated it with ovulation ever since my periods began when I was 13 and you'd get that thing we called 'the whites' in your knickers a week or so beforehand.

Or is a lot of discharge, paradoxically, actually a symptom that I DO have PCOS, or that (Jaws music, please) something else more sinister is going on down there...

TinyPawz Tue 23-Jun-09 21:52:08

I have PCOS and poly cystic ovaries. Apparently, according to 1 of the many books I have read you can have some symptoms associated with the syndrome without having poly cystic ovaries and vice versa.

So you may have 1, other, both or none. Let the doctors decide and push for referral to gynae.

That said, I think discharge varies for 1 person to another, so don't worry to much.

I don't think discharge has anything to do with ovulation (being a great medical mind too, I could be wrong). I haven't had a period since May 2008 and get 'the whites' (lovely term wink) every couple of weeks.

lilacclaire Tue 23-Jun-09 22:05:10

I've always been pretty 'juicy' and im sure i have pcos although have never been tested.
Hasn't been as bad since ive had ds though and now have mirena.
I think the amount of discharge does vary a lot from person to person.

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