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Argh - help

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ElfOnTheTopShelf Tue 23-Jun-09 00:02:31

In Dec 07 I was quite poorly with "hemiplegic migraines". I was in and out of hospital, but the doctors told me that it shouldn't reappear.

Recently, I've had headaches, and dizziness again. I am sat down and I feel like I'm falling etc, and there are pains down the back of my neck.

I have made a doctors appointment, but cant get in before next Monday.

The symptoms appear v similiar to the Dec 07 symptoms.

Should I be pestering the docs for an emergency appointment? I dont want to be a bother, as it will probably turn out to be nothing, but I dont want to let it get any further iyswim.

ElfOnTheTopShelf Tue 23-Jun-09 00:06:05

am off to bed... will check in the morning. TIA

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Tue 23-Jun-09 00:31:23

Have you thought of going to see a chiropractor? They can help with migraines. They sound terrible sad
I think this classes as an emergency, it's silly to wait until next week.

DidEinsteinsMum Tue 23-Jun-09 00:31:46

I would pester. If you think its the same it could be. You know what it felt like last time and if the symptoms are the same pester.

Btw love the name.

ElfOnTheTopShelf Tue 23-Jun-09 17:27:38

I tried ringing today but they had no appointments avaiable today, told me to ring back tomorrow.
Its difficult, at my doctors it seems to depend on their mood as to whether you can book a routine or emergency. They went through a spate a few months ago with me not allowing a routine appointment for my DD and making me book an emergency slot, even though I said it wants an emergency. And now its the total opposite!

I haven't been to see a chiropractor, I might invetigate it though. If they told me bungee jumping would prevent another attack like in 07, I'd be signed up; I was off work for about six weeks last time and it took me months to get back on my feet properly.

My mum is shouting at me for not making an appointment sooner blush

moosemama Tue 23-Jun-09 18:15:03

I suffered for most of my adult life with severe migraines (although classic not hemiplegic) and would sometimes have attacks lasting for up to seven days at a time.

Unfortunately I suffered bad reactions to most of the regular treatments so ended up just having to suffer.

Eventually someone recommended I see an osteopath. I went for about 6 sessions and it greatly reduced the severity and frequency of the attacks.

I was then referred to a consultant at the hospital who put me on the (then experimental for migraine) drug Topiramate (Topomax). It is an epilepsy drug and has some quite disturbing side effects such as cognitive dysfunction but also weight loss (which I wasn't so upset about grin). I was on the lowest dose for about six months, had to keep a migraine diary and was unlucky in that I was highly sensitive to the side effects which don't usually occur at the dose I was on, but it worked. That was two and half years ago and I've only had two migraines since, both of which lasted less than a day and were much less severe than my old migraines.

The treatment itself wasn't pleasant, but I would definitely do it all over again, as it gave me my life back and meant I was able to look after my little boys without worrying about having an attack or needing someone else to look after them for days on end while I lay in a darkened room.

I would hassle your GP for an appointment and if they won't give you one ask to speak to a doctor over the phone so that they can decided whether or not they need to see you urgently. (I'm sure the Receptionists are very good at their jobs, but they are not qualified to decide whether or not your case is urgent.) I'm not sure if Topomax has been licensed for use for migraines in the UK yet (they were just going through the process when I had my treatment) but if it has your GP should be able to prescribe it directly to you. It might be worth mentioning anyway.

ElfOnTheTopShelf Tue 23-Jun-09 18:48:36

I unfortunately suffer other migraines as well as the attack I had in 07. Normal migraines result in lying in a darken room / sleeping off etc, and taking over the counter tablets. The ones in 07 started with a terrible headache which made me feel like my head was hitting my skull everytime I stood up, and a constant ache (with sickness as well) and dizzy spells, so standing up would make me feel like I'd hit my head, and dizzy enough to want to pass out.
At the min, I'm just dizzy - the kind where you are sat still but feel like you're going to fall - and an ache (but not the brain-hitting-skull type). Just hoping it doesn't get worse, esp as I have worked really hard not to get stressed!

moosemama Tue 23-Jun-09 18:57:48

Don't know if its relevant, but lots of people round here (West Midlands) have had a virus over the past couple of weeks that involved a fuzzy dizzy head that sort of felt as if your brain was slipping away from you and/or the room was spinning. No other tangible symptoms either, it was really weird and lasted for a few days. Really hope its something simple like that rather than another attack.

I would keep on at your GP though, next Monday is definitely not soon enough for you to be seen.

ElfOnTheTopShelf Tue 23-Jun-09 19:01:56

thanks - will keep on at them.
I'm in the East Midlands.
Hope the doc doesn't just think its swine flu, though I bet work would appreciate it if it meant they didn't have to go to work grin

Last time I had a viral infection around the same time, so my docs thought it was all caused by a viral infection, opposed to the hospital who thought it was all migraine related.

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