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Hay Fever - Aside from the obvious symptoms does it make you feel unwell/under the weather?

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lostinthecitylover Mon 22-Jun-09 14:25:48

I get hay fever every year and for some reason this year have only used eye drops. I usually use a nasal steroid as well but haven't bought any this year (prob cost related).

Do those of you that have hay fever sometimes feel quite unwell and drained with it? And it feel just well unpleasant?

I'm just trying to remember last year and also wondering whether it might be something else (I have been anaemic in the past) or whether it is the hayfever - in which case it will pass.

Buda Mon 22-Jun-09 14:30:07

It does leave me feeling shattered at times.

I remember once years ago working in an office that was in someone's home and I was ended up ironing in the garden as the weather was lovely. Sneezed all day. We had a doc on call for the business and he popped in and saw me and gave me some medicine. I mentioned that I felt really shattered and he said that sneezing uses nearly every muscle in the body so that could explain it.

I also find now that me breathing can be affected by hay fever and that leaves me really drained too.

lostinthecitylover Mon 22-Jun-09 14:38:41

Thanks I think that's it then!!

That and waking up in the morning with sticky and heavy eyes.

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