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anxiety questions

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candyfluff Mon 22-Jun-09 13:28:04

ok so have had bad anxiety for a good 6 moths plus and my newest symptom is pains around by ribs?
so bad that i have to take pain killers and have recently had a chest x-ray which came back clear.
is this normal or maybe something else?

candyfluff Mon 22-Jun-09 15:34:28

bump -feeling so silly now

littlerach Mon 22-Jun-09 15:57:34

I think it is normal for anxiety sufferers ot have thisa.

Do you have IBS too (I'm sure I posted on one of your other threads a few weeks ago!).
If so, I think that a pain arounf the bottom of your rib cage can be linked ot this.

candyfluff Mon 22-Jun-09 16:05:40

oh yes i have ibs /maybe something else ,see another thread on health ! titled im worried

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