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Really quite annoyed

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Bomper Mon 22-Jun-09 13:15:18

Carrying on from my earlier post about feeling thirsty all the time and weeing a lot, I have contacted my GP to try and get an appointment. Our surgery as a system whereby you can book an appointment online. I have just received a reply from them asking me to outline why I want to see the doctor before they will give me an appointment. Surely, it doesn't bloody matter why?!! Are they allowed to do this?

Iklboo Mon 22-Jun-09 13:17:14

It's possible they want to prioritise patients so the ones with more urgent symptoms are seen more promptly than someone with, say, a repeat prescription check-up or a holiday jab request

Portofino Mon 22-Jun-09 13:17:54

Maybe they are trying to work out whether you need to see the GP, or maybe practice nurse instead or something like that. I can see that it might make more efficient use of appointments. It is a bit off putting though....

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