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had a cold for over a week now and its just got a whole lot worse.... what shall i do??

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juicychops Mon 22-Jun-09 07:07:57

someone please reply....

had a cold since last saturday. sunday i then developed laryngitis. went docs monday night and he told me nothing i can do but let it go on its own. it did after a few days but the cold remained

anyway, yesterday i could feel not my throat but something near there like the roof of my throat or something?? was starting to hurt and kept sneezing

woke up today my body is aching everywhere im bowing my nose every minute, when i sneeze that bit at the top of my throat really hurts and ive got a sore throat and cough

basically feel shit all over. and dont feel quite with it. took ds to nursery this morning and drove half way to work before i realised i was meant to be taking ds to nursery.

came home now gunna go work a bit later

why am i getting worse and not better? shall i go docs again or am i just being dramatic about a normal cold?

juicychops Mon 22-Jun-09 07:08:23

and my attendance is too bad for me to have any time off too

thirtypence Mon 22-Jun-09 07:34:33

I would have thought that any workplace would have sent you home with those symptoms at the moment.

juicychops Mon 22-Jun-09 07:43:27

not mine! they would expect me to come in if i was dying! during my attendence meeting a few weeks ago, because i have gone in ill a couple of times to make an effort rather than just not bother at all, and not lasted the day and had to go home, my mamager said 'dont bother coming in if you have no intentions of staying the whole day'. basically saying im deliberately going in cos i know il get half day off!

but then if i dont come in they complain ive had too many days off sick! which i haven't, its just cos i work 2 days per week so it looks worse

thirtypence Mon 22-Jun-09 20:29:52

I don't work every day and with mild illness can usually last out until my next day off.

However this time I haven't managed to get to Wednesday - Losing Monday and Tuesday I lose 70% of my weekly income. Oh well.

juicychops Wed 24-Jun-09 08:15:29

still got my old - been over 1 and a half weeks now.. and now ds has it!!

meant to go camping next week so hope he's better by then

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