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Possible tick bit on ds's bum...very red and sore to touch?

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mrsmaidamess Sun 21-Jun-09 20:27:15

He had 'something' on his stomach the other day, a funny black thing poking out, looked like a big splinter. I pulled it out with tweezers, and only a tiny pin prick is left where it was, with no redness.

In the bath tonight noticed sore red patch on his bum cheek, dark centre, looks like dried blood. It hurts to touch, I can't see any legs (Yuck).

OR it could just be a normal bite by a mozzie that he has scratched too much?

We havent been in the woods recently where he could potentially have picked up a tick.... Anyone got any experience of these?

fidelma Sun 21-Jun-09 21:47:27

I am not 100% sure of the answeres to your questions but don't take any chances with ticks.Although rare Limes diesese is in this country.If there is a red ring around the area he needs antibiotics.I would check it out with your Dr tomorrow.Don't panic there is plenty time.

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