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Please help!! Rhematoid type inflammation in knuckle - any experience and advice urgently needed please

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SalVolatile Sun 21-Jun-09 20:22:42

To cut a long story short i have had a painful swelling in my left hand between two knuckles for about a fortnight which worsened dramatically yesterday (not helped by trying the bucking bronco at a party last night grin} and I paid for it by being up all night with pain.... headed to A&E this morning convinced I have a fracture only to be told I have an old fracture that is inflamed, and bloods taken for gout sad. I have had swelling of another knuckle for several days a couple of months ago (on the other hand) and the odd stabbing pain in toe joint. I dont eat any of the trigger foods apart from asparagus as I am a veggie. Anyway, bloods came back with no urate level at all, and also my CRP marker was less than one. as the nurse practitioner said, it is obvious I have an inflamed joint but the test didn't find an inflammation. Query rheumatoid flare up..... What the hell is going on, please????? It is excruciatingly painful and I really cannot use my hand at all. Is this rheumatoid arthritis setting in? Do any other MNers have this and any advice ? TIA

SalVolatile Sun 21-Jun-09 21:06:27


NumptyMum Sun 21-Jun-09 21:20:52

I'm not sure I can help, but you could post your question on the Arthritis Care forum, there will be lots of people with various types of arthritis who may know more. Even if it is arthritis, there are lots of types of arthritis - and the prognosis/treatments vary accordingly, for example reactive arthritis comes after illness, but you can go into remission for ages inbetween. There's also a freephone helpline 0808 800 40 50 that's open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.

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