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Any surgeon recommendations for prolapse repair surgery? Preferebly in the South West

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duchesse Sun 21-Jun-09 13:39:53

My friend wants to go private to have her prolapse repaired as the NHS will only do a hysterectomy at the same time and she is not willing to sacrifice her womb.

She is menopausal now (aged 52) and wants to do it before incontinence strikes, but was not impressed by the treatment she's had in the NHS. They will not even let her go for pelvic floor repair surgery without her signing a consent form for a hysterectomy "should it be necessary" and she fears that they will whip her womb out just for the hell of it.

Does anybody have any recommendations for surgeons who are good at prolapse repair/ pelvic floor repair? Based in the SW of England would be ideal.

brimfull Sun 21-Jun-09 13:43:51

has she looked on dr fosterconsultant guide

duchesse Sun 21-Jun-09 13:50:05

Thanks ggirl, will pass that on to her.

I think she's quite keen to find someone who's got a good track record in this type of surgery and won't try to de-womb her at the same time.

brimfull Sun 21-Jun-09 13:52:28

my fil's partner had this done about a yr ago
but she's on holiday atm so I'm afraid I can't ask who did it.
Was southampton/ winchester area though

mears Sun 21-Jun-09 13:54:19

She can state she does not want a hysterectomy on the consent.

crokky Sun 21-Jun-09 13:59:34

My mum had surgery 2 years ago at The Bupa (now Spire) hospital in Bristol.

The Glen, Redland Hill, Durdham Down, Bristol, BS6 6UT

This is a link to the surgeon - he was great: Mcleod/

duchesse Tue 23-Jun-09 17:24:56

Thanks all. Does any of you know if these people require consent for a hysterectomy before you go for surgery? It seems very anachronistic/ outdated to me to whip women's bits out at the drop of a hat. It's not like they remove men's testicles in the same light-hearted way.

crokky Tue 23-Jun-09 19:05:34

duchesse - I think some women feel differently to others on the hysterectomy issue.

My mum was 59 when she had surgery for prolapse. Her womb was pushing down on her bladder and her bladder had literally been pushed so far down that it was actually showing outside her body. She was really suffering and could not go about her daily life - the reason she went private was because the NHS waiting list was a few months even though she couldn't manage from day to day in the condition she was in. She was apprehensive about having the womb removed but actually once it was done, she was so much better - the problem was totally resolved and has not come back (2 yrs on). She feels very much better and is relieved that it has gone - she also thinks of it as one less place to develop female cancers now that it has gone. So overall, she does feel that removing it is very beneficial. I am not sure whether it would help your friend to think of it like this - almost like it is a redundant part now that is causing problems so the best solution is to remove it.

Hope you don't find my post offensive, it wasn't meant that way.

mrsmerryweather Tue 23-Jun-09 20:23:19

I don't know how far your friend wants to travel- if she can get to Dorchester there is an excellent dr there, who also works in London at the Lister Hospital.

However, i think it is a decision that needs to be taken after consultation with the dr- any good gynae should be able to tell her beforehand what the odds are on having to have a hyster. This is elective surgery- so although there is always the risk of the unknown, the actual op is planned.

She needs to take the advice of the dr- I had a repair many years back and kept my uterus, but if it had been advisable to have had it removed then i would have done so- there are pros and cons keeping it! Some tiems removing it can make prolapse worse, but she needs a dr who knows what he is doing. in_page=Facilities

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