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skin question.. is it possible to have unstitchable skin? perhaps TMI

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ByThePowerOfGreyskull Sat 20-Jun-09 20:37:07

I am getting myself into a tizz

I need an undercarriage repair job as the stitches I had after both births didn't hold and although the skin has all healed it is as if it wasn't stitched at all - aside from some sticky out skin lumps where the stitches were in place. (Sorry TMI)

So anyway..

I always thought that after babies were over and done with that I would go for a repair job and have discussed what needs doing with my GP.

However, this week I had a mole removed and 2 stitches put in, and the stitches haven't held the skin together, the stitches are still in one side of the hole but the hole is now open, and I am worried that the problem is actually my skin IYKWIM..

is it possible that it is just unstitchable??

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