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Dd sick this morning but well since - can she and her brother see other children tomorrow?

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handlemecarefully Thu 12-May-05 22:55:19

Dd woke with a tummy ache and about an hour after getting up was sick. She was whiney and obviously uncomfortable and a little while later was sick again. She had a sleep from 13.00 and 15.00 and woke up transformed. She helped me water the garden this afternoon and played in the sandpit for ages etc. She wanted toast and banana for tea and ate it with enthusiasm.

Can she and her brother rejoin the human race tomorrow or must we have another day of exile? Surely she isn't infectious when she seems to have made a full recovery....

handlemecarefully Thu 12-May-05 23:03:01

Come on - I need answers now, I want to go to bed...

misdee Thu 12-May-05 23:03:43

yeah, 24 hours clearnece. mix with people tmorrow afternoon.

Evesmama Thu 12-May-05 23:05:23

she should be fine..see how she wakes up in morn and if ok, must have been some thunderbolt bug???
which has hopefully disapeared

lockets Thu 12-May-05 23:06:13

Message withdrawn

mears Thu 12-May-05 23:06:31

Probably will be fine. Word of warning though, she may feel unwell again tomorrow.

Any staff who are off sick with vomiting and/or diarrhoea at hospital have to stay off work till symptom free for 48 hours. You can still be infectious after the event.

Not a good clear answer eh!

Ellbell Thu 12-May-05 23:19:57

Have learned (see thread from last week!) that kids can throw up once or twice a day but be fine in between. My dd did it for 3 days (sick Saturday 6 a.m., Saturday 5 p.m., Sunday 10 p.m. and Monday 9 p.m.)! Most disconcerting!

handlemecarefully Fri 13-May-05 07:49:41

Ok thanks all - I'll wait until the afternoon, and if she is still fine by lunch time we will re-enter society!

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