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Any dentists/orthodontists around?

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sammysam Fri 19-Jun-09 12:52:00

DD had her first dentist appt. yesterday. I had the appt. and just had a question to ask her about dd but she looked at her as well. It turns out the milk tooth that I thought was just taking it's time coming through isn't actually there at all and in her opinion she doesn't think the adult tooth is there either! She has never in her 35yrs as a dentist seen a missing milk tooth before!!

What does this mean for dd? It is very obvious as it is the one next to the front tooth. The gap that was there is gradually closing up. She is going to have a very lop-sided smile. She was late in getting her first tooth (was walking before the first one) so that'll prob mean even longer to wait before anything can be done?

I know it really isn't that serious but I'm a bit paranoid about teeth and know how it can effect confidence etc-i'm halfway through long needed orthodontic treatment myself!

Any info would be greatly appreciated grin

MaryMotherOfGod Fri 19-Jun-09 19:14:29


differentnameforthis Sat 20-Jun-09 02:34:30

Did she xray your daughter? That is the only conclusive way (I know of) to tell of missing teeth. It would also show if the adult tooth bud was missing or not.

As it is a front tooth that is missing, more often than not the other teeth all shift to close the space (as much as possible) & with adult teeth orthodontics can be used to close it further, if necc.

On the lower jaw, it isn't always very noticable that the teeth are out of place, but can be more obvious on the upper due to the distinctive point the canine has. Saying that, many dentists will try to disguise that & make it look like a incisor.

And being late getting first teeth doesn't always mean she will alway be late getting them.

sammysam Mon 22-Jun-09 08:09:47

Thank you.
No she didn't do an xray this time but said she would next time.
It is at the top and when the gap closes more will be quite noticable as her canine is very pointy-it is interesting that they could try to make it look like an incisor.
Also good to hear that she might not get her adult teeth late as if she is worried about her teeth i'd hate for her to have to wait ages before she can do anything.

Highlander Mon 22-Jun-09 09:48:44

one of DH's mates doesn't have lateral incisors on top. Looks fine as the canines have moved along to plug the gap.

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