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DH had vasectomy yesterday, when is the bruising likely to begin?

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PiggyPenguin Fri 19-Jun-09 10:01:45

because he feels ok at the moment and we are both worried that this is the lull before the storm. Will he wake up tomorrow pinned to the bed with two mahoosive goolies?

Tallich Fri 19-Jun-09 11:57:23

when my DH had a vasectomy he ended up with 3 balls due to a massive haematoma a few days later. As far as I was concerned it was just payback for taking the doctor's advice too literally to "go home, put you feet up and lift nothing, not even a kettle".

Why the doc thought men should get to lounge around for days on end when we're heaved out of bed moments after giving birth and having 30+ stitches (yes, really!) is beyond me. Perhaps I should mention the doc was a MAN!! hmm

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 19-Jun-09 11:59:16

Dh's bruising was spectacular. I went away on a course for a week, a couple of days after his op <caring wife emoticon>, and when I came back I couldn't believe it!

akhems Fri 19-Jun-09 11:59:29

my ex husband had no bruising, no pain, just a bit of mild discomfort afterwards - hopefully yours will be the same

kentmumtj Fri 19-Jun-09 12:22:59

my dh had swelling and bruising began about day 2 onwards and they really swelled and were black .......... but he soldiered on just fine grin

PiggyPenguin Fri 19-Jun-09 15:31:23

Thanks all, he has retired to bed as they have begun to 'ache' hmm I suspect if the bruising and swelling does begin tomorrow he will be whimpering and confined to bed all day long. Truly, if men had to give birth we would be extinct before you know it! grin

summer111 Fri 19-Jun-09 16:24:28

I can't remember a whole lot of bruising when dh had it done - so there mustn't have been a great deal. Also not much swelling or pain...Fingers crossed for your dh

ILYM Fri 19-Jun-09 18:06:07

My dh had swelling & incredible bruising that came on about day 2, very black balls! Frightening at the time but completely normal.He couldnt wait to get back to work, went back before he was supposed to on light duties -
Now a year on & the best thing 'we - ( he he )- ever did! Wait for THE FIRST TIME (blush) after when allowed . Dh said it blew his mind away - just like the FIRST time! (wink) (wink) x x x x

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 19-Jun-09 18:14:06

Tell him not to do what my DH did - to wait until the anaesthetic wore off before taking the extra strength painkillers he'd been given - "just to see how painful it is".

The answer is "very" ...........

gigglinggoblin Fri 19-Jun-09 18:16:43

Mine walked hom from hospital and went to work following day, no pain, no bruising. i was most disappointed!

thirtypence Sat 20-Jun-09 10:10:55

Dh had a scalpel free job - but still got lovely purple and yellow bruising from day 2/3.

elsiepiddock Sat 20-Jun-09 10:30:42

My dh was like Buster Gonad from day 3, but then he did play rounders and cricket after 2 days, so it was his own fault.

He had a haematoma too. Spectacular giant black bollocks.

He actually took a picture on his phone and sent it to me!! Not the sort of text I'm used to receiving...

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