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Just started Atkins - Know any recipies

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wog Fri 02-May-03 19:49:03

Hi just started Atkins yesterday and was wondering if anyone knew any good recipies on it.

bunny2 Sat 03-May-03 17:15:08

Dont want you to feel ignored Wog! Cant help you much though Im afraid, I tried the diet and had loads of sugar free jelly and steak with melted cheese on top. Yummy. Good luck.

Furball Sat 03-May-03 20:39:57

Have you got this? , if not there are some good low carb web sites Here , and Here


Dinny Sat 03-May-03 22:15:12

Have any fish-eating non-meat eaters (?!) attempted Atkins? Is it do-able if you don't eat meat?

JayTree Sun 04-May-03 07:10:46

loads of homemade spicy chicken burgers with real mayo and salad (just minced chicken and spices bound together with a little chopped onion and a beaten egg). Omelettes are a useful stand by when you can’t be bothered to do anything flash. We also had a lot of bbqs in summer and roasts in winter. We used to make a decent pudding with sugar free jelly and cream whipped through it to make blancmange - sounds yuck, tastes ok. When you start to add veg, shepherds pie topped with carrot and parsnip mash is a good one, or mashed cauliflower is good alternative to potato. Good luck.
I cannot imagine any pectarians (?!!) managing the atkins - it would be so restrictive that you might cope for a few weeks but would feel really bored by the limited veg and fruit.
Atkins worked for us as we lost loads of weight a few years ago but gave up as I missed fruit and veg and it terrible things to my gut... however, not bad for a quick fix and plenty of people have long term success. Good luck.

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