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Weird running injury.....collarbone ^hurts^!

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JackBauer Thu 18-Jun-09 14:40:51

I am doing a running training plan and am on week 6, went for a run earlier, did 5 mins, walk, 11 mins, walk, 5 mins, then whiel I was walking I got a sharp stabbing pain around my left collarbone that spread up my neck and along to my shoulder. I was finding it difficult to catch my breath but my sports bra is a lettle tight so thats normal.

My neck feels a bit stiff now on that side like I have pulled it, but I was just running, only carrying a tiny mp3 (size of an aa battery) in a wrist pouch.

Any thoughts? Advice?

thumbwitch Thu 18-Jun-09 23:39:28

yes, you have probably strained the muscle (the one called the sternocleidomastoid).

Many women, especially if they have larger breasts, tend to run with the upper part of their body a little too tense, to prevent the breasts from bouncing too much. This can increase the likelihood of a muscular strain in the area. If this is what you do, then cultivate a more relaxed shoulder position when running (and if necessary get an even better sports bra to prevent bounce).

In the meantime, the stiffness should go off in a couple of days - you could use a topical anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen gel, tiger balm or deep heat on the affected muscle; or an icepack could help initially. If the stiffness persists, you might need to see a sports massage therapist to have your neck muscle released.

DON'T run until it feels better - it won't miraculously free itself off, you are more likely to do more damage.


JackBauer Fri 19-Jun-09 08:43:30

Thanks thumbwitch, I do have a super dooper sports bra to try and keep my boobs under control but I may well have been holding it funny, plus I think I had my bra on wrong as I couldn't quite catch my breath, so would have been heaving for breath.
That's a pain in the butt though. Shall stick deep heat on and be careful for a few days and see if it eases. It still feels tight today though. And I know a physio referral will take ages (and can't afford a sports massage!)

ljhooray Fri 19-Jun-09 09:08:22

I have found that general tension in the shoulder area (so a tense rather than relaxed running style) has caused exactly the same pain and would agree with Thumbwitch that the wrong bra has also been to blame on occasion. Actually I had the strongest Sportjobk bra available and that caused too much pressure on my shoulder and didn't suit me (even though it kept the twins in place!).
Don;t think you'll need physio but some gentle stretching when you're feel better and perhaps even taking the pace slower so the whole time you are running, you are able to concentrate on your form.

thumbwitch Fri 19-Jun-09 09:52:02

if you have the chance to see a professional sports trainer in any capacity (e.g. a free taster day at a gym or something) then you could ask them for some hints on how to run with a looser shoulder carriage to prevent a recurrence.

A nice warm bath would help too - and if your DH/DP has useful hands, he could do a bit of a shoulder massage (the one everyone does where they pick the muscle up at the top of the shoulder, front and back) - that should will help.wink

Coalman Fri 19-Jun-09 09:59:19

I get this sometimes, it has put me off running for a while.

Mine is due to tension and holding myself funny, however I do advise that you get it checked out as there is a small chance it could be referred pain from the heart.

Most likely it is a strain, or a stitch felt in the wrong place, but seek medical advice just in case.

Hope you feel better soon.

JackBauer Fri 19-Jun-09 20:07:00

THanks guys. It feels better today, justa bit achey like a normal pulled muscle so am not too concerned. Am going to doa gentle run this weekend and if it happens again will go and get it checked as can't get to docs until monday anyway.

thumbwitch Fri 19-Jun-09 22:04:36

If you can, while you're doing your run, think about how you are holding your shoulders and upper body. Are you tensing to stop things bouncing/moving around? Do you keep your arms tucked up tight by your sides like a spastic chicken? If the answer is yes, then try and run a bit more "loosely" - concentrate on letting your shoulders relax, your arms swing more etc. It should help with the breathing as well.
see, this guy does it very well! grin

JackBauer Sat 20-Jun-09 09:29:28

or soemthing like this?

thansk tho

thumbwitch Sat 20-Jun-09 09:57:45

grin - perhaps a little loose in the hinges there!

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