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tooth whitening and white crown

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wineismyfriend Wed 17-Jun-09 19:37:34

Has anyone had either of the above recently?

Just looking for an appoximate price.


blondissimo Thu 18-Jun-09 06:49:19

I posted about this last night but didn't get much of a response in style and beauty, so am joining you here to find out!grin (hope you don't mind!?)
I looked into it and have been getting prices of between £99 and £695 for laser whitening.
What I want to know is, how can there be such a vast price difference?
I am unsure of the cost of white crowns, but I believe it is very expensive.

geordieminx Thu 18-Jun-09 06:59:05

A lot of people recommend crest whitening strips which are available on ebay or amazon.. they are £25, you attach the strips to your teeth twice a day for sopposedly fantastic results - I ordered some last night so will report back - I thought at £25 they were worth a shot. Other than that its £400 for dentist to do it, and £250 to get the trays and do it with the same stuff at home.

I am quite friendly with my dentist -she was saying that only dentists are licensed to use the proper bleach stuff, and any beauty salon that is offering the same thing is either lying or not licensed which means if things were to go wrong there would be little come back.

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