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Insulin - anyone heard of this one?

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Gobbledigook Thu 12-May-05 11:29:53

It sounds like 'detamere' or something similar but can't find anything in BNF or when I google but keeps cropping up in the work I'm doing (listening to interviews so it's not written). All I know is it's a long acting insulin.

HELP - anyone know what it is?

hoxtonchick Thu 12-May-05 11:52:42

nope! hmmm, there aren't many long acting insulins really. insulatard & glargine are the most commonly used ones...

Gobbledigook Thu 12-May-05 11:53:51

That's it - 2 people have now mentioned this Detamere (that's how it sounds) but I'm only aware of Insulatard and Lantus.

hoxtonchick Thu 12-May-05 11:55:44

ok, i've found it now in the bnf. detemir, recombinant human insulin analogue — long acting. it's made by novo & the trade name is levemir. hth.

hoxtonchick Thu 12-May-05 11:56:14

have you got the bnf online gdg, it's much better & easier to search.

WigWamBam Thu 12-May-05 11:56:15


Gobbledigook Thu 12-May-05 12:06:04

Oh brilliant, thank you both! How did I miss it?! Mind you, my BNF is a bit old! No, not got it online - maybe I should but I can usually work out most drug names!

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