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"sore" sensation along arm and side of hand - what could it be?

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steviesgirl Wed 17-Jun-09 00:27:07

Not really had this much before, but I'm getting a sore achey feeling along my forearm and along the side of my hand and little finger.

When I run my hand over it the skin feels sore and painful. It's gradually come on since about Sunday I think. Most strange.

Any idea's as to what the heck it could be?

I don't have a rash with it btw. The skin looks normal. Thanks.

PortAndLemon Wed 17-Jun-09 00:54:29

Really sore sore or sort of numb and tingly sore? Sort of numb and tingly sore, getting more positively sore if you lean on your elbow, then trapped ulnar nerve (cubital tunnel syndrome). Or could be neuritis. Or something else.

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